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Flat Roofs

Why choose an Everest Flat Roof?

Our flat roofs look great and enjoy the superior quality that is the signature of an Everest product, offering the following benefits:

Unique to Everest

  • Guaranteed for life offering maximum peace of mind

And still there’s more…

  • Installation speed – we install quality bespoke flat roofs within 7-10 weeks of purchase
  • Tougher material Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is the same material used for the hulls of boats, meaning it can cope with anything the weather throws at it
  • 100% waterproof making it ideal for roofing solutions
  • No joints or welds completely eliminating water ingress
  • Timber and concrete options to complement your home
  • Up to 150mm extra insulation exceeding British Standards for energy efficient
  • Standard and energy saving options depending on the use of adjoining room
  • A variety of styles and finishes – coming in 8 stunning colours and 3 great finishes
  • New Everest Rooftrim inclusive in the cost

All our flat roofs are...

Built to last

Built to last

We use industry leading techniques and materials to construct our flat roofs, so you can be confident your flat roof will last a lifetime.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Virtually Maintenance Free

Everest flat roofs are made from a continuous surface of quality GRP so they have no welds or joints and require little or no maintenance.

Built with quality materials

Built with quality materials

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure greater strength and durability, including glass fibre matting that exceeds the industry standard.

Guaranteed for life

Guaranteed for life

All Everest flat roofs come with a lifetime guarantee, while the Everest roofline products we add to them also come with guarantees of up to 20 years.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient

Our flat roofs are not only built to protect your home, they also help you reduce your carbon footprint by making your home warmer and more energy efficient.

View our flat roof options

  • Available colours

    • Caramel Caramel
    • Cherry red Cherry red
    • Fern green Fern green
    • Flint grey Flint grey
    • Granite Granite
    • Navy blue Navy blue
    • Platinum grey Platinum grey
    • Storm grey Storm grey
  • Available finishes

    • Standard Standard
    • Decor style slate chippings Decor style slate chippings
    • Non-slip Non-slip


Q: What is GRP material?

A: Glass-Reinforced Plastic is a composite material made, as the name suggests, of plastic re-inforced with fine glass fibres. It is lightweight and incredibly tough. In fact, it is so tough that it is used on the hulls of boats, such as RNLI life boats.

Q: What colours can I have my flat roof?

A: There are 8 different colours available for an Everest flat roof, and 3 different finishes. 

Q: Why choose an Everest flat roof?

A: They are cost effective and, if built correctly, incredibly robust. At Everest, we are so assured of the quality of our flat roofs that we offer a lifetime guarantee against water ingress. Everest Rooftrim range are included as part of the installation and these products also have extensive guarantees, with our white uPVC fascia guarantee for a lifetime against discolouration.

Q: How long will a GRP roof last?

A: GRP will last for 30–50 years and more with no measurable deterioration.

Q: How do I clean a GRP flat roof?

A: As we don’t want homeowners climbing on top of their flat roofs, we have done everything we can to ensure they are virtually maintenance free. GRP is 100% waterproof and very durable. There is no need to replace or repair. Also, the roofs are designed to take water away from its surface, reducing pooling. For more information on caring for your flat roof, click here.

Q: Will Everest repair a damaged flat roof?

A: It is our policy only to repair our own products, so if you wish to repair a roof installed from another company, we can only do so if you want us to remove it and install our own product. 

Q: Can I customise the look of my flat roof?

A: Whether you want your flat roofs to blend in to the existing style of your home or make a statement, we have provided a range of 8 stylish colours, including caramel, fern, granite and platinum, as well as three different finishes; standard, décor-style slate chippings and non-slip.

Q: How can you be sure the material will never rip or tear?

A: GRP is a material more commonly used in boat building and for expedition shelters in the Antarctic, where extreme conditions and temperatures can really take their toll. If it can last there, it can last anywhere, and that’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

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