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Everest Scrappage Scheme

Scrappage Scheme

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How much heat is your home losing?

It’s easy to see just how much heat is lost through old double glazing. Not only is it lost through the glass, but also from in and around the frame, as captured in the thermal images below. This means energy you’re paying for is lost, so not only are you losing heat, you’re losing money on higher energy bills. By upgrading to new Everest windows, you can make your home more energy efficient and save money each year on energy bills. To read more about our thermographic test click here.

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Scrap your old windows & doors and save up to £4,000

Now's an excellent time to replace your old draughty windows with new energy efficient double or triple glazing. Not only will replacing your windows keep your home warmer by reducing energy leakage, you can also save money on new windows. We'll give you up to £4,000 to recycle your old windows and doors, for you to use against buying new ones.

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What do we do with your old windows and doors?

  • It's not just the wooden, uPVC or aluminium frames we recycle. We recycle the glass and any metal fittings too.

  • When our Surveyor visits the customers property, they identify what windows can be recycled. Upon removal these are recycled through our 3 recycling partners - LKM, Broughshire and Merritts.

  • Merritts are uPVC recycling specialists who take uPVC and grind and re-extrude the waste. This material is then fed back into make further uPVC products and materials.

  • LKM & Broughshire recycle uPVC, timber steel and aluminium and we are given a rebate for each stream. Aluminium & steel is re-smelted, while timber is shredded and made into chipboard. uPVC is re-extruded to make various products.

  • The recycling of old glass is handled through one of the biggest glass recycling businesses in the UK, Berrymans and used in the process of making new glass bottles and jars.
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Craig's guide to scrappage

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