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Everest Price Promise

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Lovely windows, but where are the prices?


We're often asked why we don't show prices on our website or provide quick quotes. The short answer is because we put you in control.


The reason our windows are so secure and don't let in draughts is because we precision build your windows to fit your home to the millimetre. In fact we've made over 2 million windows but we don't think one would have been right for you, as all our windows are based on the exact size of your own specific window and are available with endless options.


They can be customised with your choice from:


  • 3 different materials - uPVC, Timber and Aluminium
  • 5 different styles - casement, sash, dual turn, tilt and turn and secondary glazing
  • 30 different opening styles
  • 2 glazing options - double and triple glazing
  • 25 different colour options
  • 5 different furniture options
  • 7 types of glass - obscure, decorative, security, safety, noise reducing, self-cleaning and anti-sun

When you multiply all these options together, along with other options like Georgian bars or lead window options you can see that choosing Everest gives you 787,500 different window choices. And that's before we've even measured up. Do you need that many? No, you just need one. But it must be the right one for you. At the price that's right for you.


So you can see, when our aim is to give you precisely the window you want, with the fittings you choose, made to fit your home exactly, it would be unfair on you if we guessed at the cost before we'd measured up, shown you samples to allow you to judge the quality or even asked you what your ideal window would look like. Guess too low, and you'd feel annoyed if the final quote costs a little more. Guess too high and you might be put off - when a quick chat and a tweak to the design could bring it back within your budget.


How can some companies show prices on their website?


Companies who advertise set prices can do so because they only stock windows in standard sizes with basic accessories.


If they fit a window and it leaves a gap, they just fill round it with expanding foam. So you have very little control over the size, or the look of your windows - or the quality of the product and fitting.


Everest can also help with other special things that might affect the price.


  • Planning permission - which we can fully manage on your behalf.
  • Asbestos surveys and safe removal
  • Erecting scaffolding
  • Building services to make good and make like new

We can give you professional help in all these areas - but we wouldn't include it in the price if you didn't need it, so we'd rather check things through with you first. And then because we're making your windows exactly for you, there are all the little details we think about to make it absolutely perfect! For example, we can:


  • Move the handles or openers to make them easier to reach in awkward spots
  • Make your frames perfectly symmetrical so they all match
  • Create special windows that will suit conservation areas
  • Give you specific glass and frame options so your windows can be used as fire escapes

Why do you offer discounts? Shouldn't you just give me a price and stick to it?


Good question. And the answer is yes we do offer discounts as we can work with you to find a range of options that matches your budget - removing the number of opening windows for example.


Also the price we give you for one window includes installation and delivery. If you order more than one, the cost of making, delivering and installing gets cheaper - so we can pass these savings onto you.


When we explain this, we've never met a customer who doesn't approve!


Our 7 Day Price Promise guarantees you can't pay less for what we give you.


The Everest 7 Day Price Promise is your safety net. It's your guarantee that even if you shop around, you still can't get better value than Everest.


We know that when you're looking at the beautiful windows in our brochures and feeling the quality of our samples in your hands, it's easy to get carried away. So even after you've signed, we're not going to hold you to it until you're absolutely sure.


Which is why we give you 7 days to double check - and if you do manage to find the same product cheaper elsewhere in that time, we'll cut our price to match it without a quibble.



Book a free consultation – you could be pleasantly surprised!


How do you know what the best window for you looks like until you’ve seen all the options? Book a free appointment with one of our local expert consultants. There’ll be absolutely no obligation to buy - but we’ll pop round at a time that suits you, listen to your ideas about what you want to do, bring you some real samples to hold and then design your perfect windows.


Once we’ve done that, we can give you the price – and since we make everything ourselves, we think you’ll be surprised at what good value it is. So go on – what have you got to lose?

Book your free quotation