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Windows, Doors and Conservatories Pricing

Windows, Doors and Conservatories Pricing

Windows, Doors & Conservatories Pricing


We're often asked why we don't show prices. The short answer is because we put you in control.

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Conservatories

What’s the cost of new windows?

The reason our windows are so secure and draught free is because we precision build your windows to fit your home. In fact, we've made over 2 million windows but we don't think one would have been right for you, as our windows are bespoke and can be customised with endless options. They can be customised with your choice from:


  • 3 materials - uPVC, Timber and Aluminium
  • 5 styles - casement, sash, dual turn, tilt and turn and secondary
  • 30+ designs
  • 2 glazing options - double and triple
  • 25+ colours
  • 5+ furniture options
  • 7 types of glass - obscure, decorative, security, safety, noise reducing, self-cleaning and anti-sun


When you multiply all these together, along with other options like Georgian bars or leaded windows you get thousands of choices. And that's before we've even measured up. Do you need that many? No, you probably just need one. But it must be the right one for you. At the price that's right for you.

A white uPVC tilt turn window highlighting that the window replacement cost is well worth it


What else can affect the cost of windows?

There are many other factors that affect the price such as planning permission, which Everest fully manage on your behalf, or erecting scaffolding if needed. Then there are all the little details that make the windows perfect for you. For example, moving handles to make them easier to reach or creating windows suitable for conservation areas. Also the price for one window includes installation and delivery. If you order more than one, the cost of making, delivering and installing gets cheaper, so we pass these savings onto you.

So you can see with all these variables it would be unfair to guess a cost before measuring up, showing you samples or even asking you what your ideal windows look like. Guessing too low or too high might put you off, when a quick chat and tweak, such as lowering the number of opening windows, could bring it back within your budget. When we explain this, we've never met a customer who doesn't approve!

A white uPVC casement window in a living room illustrating the value in relation to replacement windows


Everest white uPVC sash windows which show the value of replacement windows

How can some companies show prices on their website?

Companies who advertise set prices can do so because they only stock windows in standard sizes with basic accessories. If they fit a window and it leaves a gap, they fill round it with expanding foam so you have very little control over the size, look or the quality of the windows and fitting.


What makes a good window?

A good window should be made bespoke for your home, making it more secure, better insulated and more aesthetically pleasing. It should also have a high energy rating which will help you reduce your energy bills and keep your home warm. A well-built window will also have good solar gain (G value) to capture sun rays and give your home free energy. A thermally efficient window should be double glazed, with low emissivity glass and an insert of non-toxic insulating gas like Argon between the panes. A good window should also be secure, with internal beading, a multi-point locking mechanism and key lockable handles. A window must achieve PAS 24:2012 which is the minimum security standard required for residential properties. A very secure window will also boast 'Secured by design' accreditation which is an initiative to reduce crime through design. Read more about what makes a good window here.

Why choose Everest windows?

  • Easy to maintain and keep looking like new
  • Aesthetically pleasing and seamless with the rest of your home
  • Highly secure with multi-point locks and mechanisms to keep your home secure
  • Our double glazing achieves an A+ rating and triple glazing is rated A++ to keep you warm
  • GrabLock has 3 times the surface area of a standard, multi-point lock for added piece of mind
  • Several style, material and colour choices to choose from
  • Industry leading guarantees as standard
A black anthracite casement window highlighting that the window replacement cost is worth it

What does a new front door cost?

There is a huge amount of variables to consider when pricing a front door, including the type of door, material, design, colour and furniture you choose. We then need to measure up, as all our doors are bespoke and made-to-measure to fit your home perfectly. The price of a door is also highly dependent on the quality and security features fitted, for example a basic door may not meet the latest PAS24 security standards. We recommend speaking to a trained professional who can guide you through the various options to ensure your new door meets all of your requirements.

A solid black front door with a brick surround to illustrate the value in relation to the front door prices
A close up of a green composite front door highlighting the value in relation to door prices


What makes a good door?

A good door should be aesthetically pleasing and fit into the look of your property. A door is an entrance to your home so it's crucial to be secure with superior locking mechanisms and be supported by a secure frame. A good door will also be made-to-measure so it's a perfect fit for your home, as a well fitted door will reduce draughts and remain firm during poor weather conditions. Find out more about what makes a quality door here.

Why choose an Everest door?

  • Our doors are tested to the latest PAS24 security standards and awarded Secured by Design - the official Police accreditation
  • The multi-point steel locks are anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill making them secure from intruders
  • Reinforced steel hinges can withstand more pressure than standard
  • Internal beading prevents glass from being removed from the outside
  • Draught resistant seals minimise heat loss and make your home more energy efficient
  • Our double and triple glazed doors have reflecting glass on the inside to stop heat escaping while low-iron glass lets more sun rays into your home
  • Industry leading guarantees as standard

How much does a conservatory cost?

The cost of a conservatory can range from £10,000 to over £100,000. How much a conservatory costs depends on the size and complexity of the project - a simple uPVC conservatory that doesn't require building work will fall into the lower end of this scale, while a bespoke open-plan mixed extension will be on the higher end. With so many elements going into making a conservatory, it's impossible to give an accurate price until after design and specification. We recommend discussing these options with one of our sales representatives who can fit your choice around your budget and requirements.


Is a conservatory worth the cost?

A conservatory is a beautiful extension of your home which can be enjoyed all year round but it's also an investment. Research has shown that a conservatory can add around 7 percent to a property's value so you can enjoy all the benefits of a conservatory while you live in your property and then recoup some of the cost if you decide to move.

A high quality Everest conservatory with a living roof illustrating their value in relation to how much a conservatory costs


What to consider when buying a conservatory?

A conservatory is a large investment and it's important to consider every aspect when choosing a conservatory. Modern conservatories are more technically advanced than they have ever been before, but this does mean there is more to consider when buying. It's important to consider all of the materials and which one meets your requirements. A uPVC conservatory is low maintenance and offers great value while a timber conservatory has elegant natural looks and is naturally warm. You will also need to consider design, glazing options, roofs, material and it's important to ask about foundations, as a conservatory is only as strong as its foundations after all. Speaking to a professional consultant will help make your conservatory exactly the way you want it.

A white uPVC conservatory highlighting that a new conservatory is well worth the cost

What makes a good conservatory?

A good conservatory should be designed bespoke so it is made to measure for your home - this will be more aesthetically pleasing and the conservatory will look seamless with your property. It should also be structurally secure, with strong and stable frames and offer high security through locks, frames, glazing and hinges. It's also important to consider the energy efficiency of the conservatory. The glazing should have low U values and maintain a comfortable temperate all read round so your conservatory can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can read more about what makes a quality conservatory here.

Why choose an Everest conservatory?

  • Planning permission fully managed on your behalf and we keep you informed every step of the way
  • Asbestos surveys and safe removal
  • Expertly designed to keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • At least a metre-deep foundation, with fully-insulated base made from concrete up to 1,500mm thick, 450mm wide and reinforced with steel
  • Our base specifications are sturdier than any of our competitors
  • Your conservatory is built around you - for your needs and your budget
  • Industry leading guarantees as standard
A beautiful Everest orangery to illustrate the value in relation to conservatory prices

Our 7 Day Price Promise guarantees you can't pay less for what we give you

The Everest 7 Day Price Promise is your safety net. It's your guarantee that even if you shop around, you still can't get better value than Everest.

We know that when you're looking at the beautiful windows in our brochures and feeling the quality of our samples in your hands, it's easy to get excited. Which is why we give you 7 days to ensure you’re truly delighted with your decision and if you happen to find the same product* elsewhere for less within 7 days of placing your order, we’ll match it without quibble.

Everest's price promise logo indicating their 7 day guarantee if you can find a better deal on all windows, doors and conservatory prices

Book a free consultation today.

How do you know what your perfect windows, doors or conservatory looks like until you've seen all the options? Book a free appointment with one of our local expert consultants today, there's absolutely no obligation to buy. We'll pop round at a time that suits you, bring you some real samples to hold and then design your perfect product. We can then give you the price – and since we make everything ourselves, we think you’ll be surprised at what good value it is. So go on what have you got to lose?


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