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A small guide to Easter fun

A small guide to Easter fun

Easter is a fun holiday and there are many reasons why. One important reason being…you get a four-day weekend eating as much chocolate as you wish without feeling guilty. Usually, it starts getting warmer during Easter time and the sun comes out to play which means you can spend your long weekend outdoors.  So why not organise a get together in your garden to make the most out your free time and the sun!

Easter bunny

Start off with decorating the garden with buntings all around the fence and hang pastel coloured balloons around. Have printed pictures of rabbits plotted around. If there are only adults attending the gathering, have flowers displayed around the tables such as tulips and daffodils with fairy lights around them. If you want to serve snacks, Phil Vickery has made the perfect recipe for Easter treats which no one will be able to resist. Display your snacks, use pastel coloured tablecloths and decorations.

Tree with Easter decorations

Whatever age your guests are, games are a fantastic way of entertaining everyone. Kids will love it and adults can bring out their inner child.  Easter egg hunt is a traditional game played during Easter time. Listed here are some alternative games which will certainly get everyone laughing. 

1. Spoon full of sugar

Fill up a bowl of jelly beans or smarties right to the top. Give each team a spoon and a smaller bowl which should be placed further away from the big bowl. Using nothing but the spoon in their mouth, the players have to transfer the sweets from the big bowl to the small bowl with their hands behind them. The spoon must be in the player’s mouth at all times. Each round should be one minute and the team with the bowl filled to the top wins.

2. Spring showers

Have around 3 teams. One member of each team has to wear a shower cap, ideally a plain one. Once the shower cap is placed on the member’s head, you need to put whipped cream all over it. The other team members will then throw as many Cheetos as they can at the shower cap whilst standing way back. The team that has the most Cheetos on the shower cap will win. Limit yourself to 30 seconds per player.

3. Easter bake-off

This is a very good game to get people baking and becoming very competitive. It is straightforward, place all of the cakes and pastries on a table and pick three people who are not baking to judge. The winner should get a prize!

Some extras


  • Blankets for when it gets cold outside in the evening.
  • Plenty of drinks whether its alcoholic or non-alcoholic which should all be Easter themed
  • Bunny ears which will add humour
  • Personalise Easter eggs for your guests to take away
'A small guide to Easter fun'