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How to choose the right conservatory style for your home

How to choose the right conservatory style for your home

Conservatories offer a way for people to increase the space in their property without building a full extension. Easy to fit and available in numerous styles, choosing an appropriate conservatory for your home requires careful consideration and plenty of research.

Conservatories for Small Homes

As a way to improve space you’d think all conservatories would be suited to smaller homes. However, those with small gardens may need to give more thought to the style and shape of their conservatory than anticipated.

Square or rectangular conservatories are perfect for homes with alcoves or protrusions caused by earlier extensions or changes to the layout of the property, as they fit seamlessly with the shape of the home to create a more even appearance. Adding a domed roof to a conservatory is ideal for those with small gardens as they enhance internal space without dominating the garden.

The benefits of classic conservatories include an unrivalled diversity of designs with various shapes and decorative finishes available. There’s plenty of variation in the material the conservatory is constructed from and the number of windows and doors you can have fitted. As these are usually built by connecting multiple panels of equal dimension you are effectively able to design your own layout, making the most of the limited space you have.

Conservatories for Period Properties

Alongside the spatial restrictions placed on conservatories by our properties, the style of dwelling also affects which conservatory will be best suited. Period properties often pride themselves on containing original features which mean modern conservatory designs using uPVC may look out of place.

Instead, tiled roof extensions are a great option providing you match the bricks and materials to those already in use to create a seamless link from the original parts of your home. Alternatively, an orangery offers a happy compromise between tradition and modernity; providing an authentic period feature with all the benefits of modern manufacturing. If you’re unsure of the difference between a conservatory and an orangery, you may find this blog post useful: Orangery vs. Conservatory: What is the difference?


Conservatories for Modern Homes

Modern houses benefit from being able to incorporate virtually any style of conservatory but glass extensions are always a popular favourite. These allow plenty of natural light to flood your property and see large single panes of glass used as the main basis for the extension.


Supporting frames are usually made from brick, contrasting the modern uPVC and aluminium materials that make up the structure of the conservatory; giving plenty of versatility to the design.  Other benefits include seamless integration of your garden and living space as well as the advantages of double glazing.

'How to choose the right conservatory style for your home'

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