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Choosing the glass for your home's windows and doors

Choosing the glass for your home's windows and doors


Date: 08/02/2013

Double glazing can be an extremely valuable addition to any property – dramatically improving your sound proofing, energy efficiency, home security and property aesthetics, all in one. However, choosing the type of glass you want from the vast range of modern glass technologies can be rather confusing.

In fact, the options open to us when we choose to replace our windows are wide ranging and diverse.

Here, we break down some of the glass options available at Everest.

Heatlock Glass

Heatlock glass is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It retains heat from the outside, meaning you spend less on your fuel bills. If you’re keen to reduce waste, the size of your carbon footprint and your energy bills then this is certainly worth the investment – which is why all of our products come with heatlock glass as standard.

Obscure Glass

If privacy is what you’re looking for, you needn’t sacrifice all natural light by opting for permanently closed blinds. A far more popular option today is to opt for obscure glass, which allows light to flow in without forcing you to compromise on privacy. There’s a wide selection of styles and patterns available to suit every home.

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened safety glass is most commonly used for ‘at-risk’ windows, but some people choose to use it throughout their property. At Everest, we fit all of our windows and doors within 80 cm of the floor with toughened safety glass as standard. The glass not only offers you extra protection against breaks but will shatter into tiny, safer fragments in the event that this should happen.

Sound Reduction Glass

One of the main attractions of double glazing is its noise reduction properties. If this is a particular issue for you, you may want to consider sound reduction glass. Designed especially for the purpose of noise reduction, this option should knock nearly 40dB off any sound coming from either direction.

Anti-Sun Glass

Whether it’s in the conservatory or your south-facing bedroom, sometimes the sun can be a little too bright. If you’re fed up with having to close the blinds to keep the sun’s strength at bay, it might be time to fit some anti-sun glass. This will reduce the sun’s glare sufficiently for you to enjoy it without allowing it to become uncomfortable.

Self-Cleaning Glass

This may sound like something of a myth, but it does exist and does precisely what it says on the tin! This intelligent glass design utilises sunlight and raindrops to see that you’re left with clean glass. This is particularly helpful for those hard to reach windows or for a second property which might be left alone for extended periods of time.