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Myth Debunked: DIY work will save you money


Date: 26/07/2012

Do-it-yourself home improvements are a lovely idea.

Take a repair situation. When something in your home breaks, the most dexterous member of the family promptly comes to save the day.

With plenty of free time up their sleeve, they select the appropriate hardware from their well-stocked tool kit and proceed to mend, hammer and tape to their heart’s content. In no time at all, the project is complete.

All the while they’ve saved you money by cutting out that ‘pricey technical expert’ and call out fee.

If you’re noticing a few gaping holes in this scenario, it’s because DIY home improvements are a lovely idea, but only in theory.

Here are some reasons why attempting to complete home improvements yourself simply won’t save you money, and in some circumstances might end up costing you more in the long run.

Quality guarantee

You wouldn’t try to repair a faulty boiler yourself. Nor would you attempt to strip down a car engine, or attempt to butcher your own meat for dinner. From mechanics to meat, we understand that paying a professional to do the job right will ensure you won’t end up paying for it again further down the road. Home improvements are no different.

When trying to decide if you should hire a contractor or do it yourself, the first step should be an honest evaluation of whether or not you’re the best person for the job.

From minor redecorating changes to massive structural renovations, enlisting the help of an expert in the design and execution stage will mean you get the job done well.

It will also mean you won’t spend hundreds of extra pounds on fixing a botched job or repainting a colour scheme that simply didn’t work.

Time is money

DIY home improvements can be manageable if you have copious amounts of time to devote to the task. Unfortunately for most of us, time equals money and home improvements are a task to complete in the spare moments of our busy lives, often resulting in a poorly executed and rushed job.

Hiring a professional ensures you get the job done under a controlled time frame and budget. As says “hiring a builder will speed up the job considerably in comparison to the DIY option.”

Budgeting yourself

Tradesmen tend to purchase their goods in bulk to save money. Furthermore, they can often source their parts at cost price, thanks to their industry contacts. One-off DIY jobs never require enough material to qualify for savings on bulk material purchases. Professional home improvement tradesmen can also provide you with a detailed budget and timeline that the task requires – this way you can shop around for the most affordable price.