Windows November 30th2016

Everest takes energy efficiency to the next level with their A++ rating for triple glazing

Following a rather soggy English summer, attention has turned to winter proofing our homes earlier than usual. With energy costs on the increase, Everest is using its expertise to take energy efficiency to the next level and ensure homes are winter ready.


In fact, Everest is so on top of energy efficiency that a new energy rating has been created for our triple glazing – A++. Everest uses the the very best cutting edge technology to achieve this:

  • A combination of Low Iron and Low E glass help to make use of natural energy -  Low Iron glass lets in more of the sun’s free heat energy while Low E glass helps to reflect that free heat back into the home
  • There are 12mm gaps between panes, filled with argon gas which has low heat conducting properties, preventing heat travelling beyond the windows
  • With five chambers within the window frame, heat has to get through several barriers making it harder for warmth to escape
  • High-tech Q-Lon seals are weather resistant and retain performance over time to further prevent drafts entering the home


When it comes to windows, energy efficiency isn’t the only consumer concern. Everest is reassuring for security with windows going above and beyond British standard tests, and for those who like a bit of peace and quiet, the windows can block out up to 37 decibels of noise!

'Everest takes energy efficiency to the next level with their A++ rating for triple glazing'

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