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Everest’s Summer Security Tips

Burglaries increase by 40% in the summer months* and with residential burglaries up 2% in June 2016** already, it’s crucial we take all precautions to secure our homes for the rest of the summer. With years of experience innovating secure windows and doors to combat evolving burglar tactics, here are Everest’s top deterrence measures to ensure every home is as secure as possible this summer.

Top tips from Everest:

  1. Cover all bases with a comprehensive security system – On top of the usual sensors, for maximum security get lightning protectors to ensure alarms work if electricity is down, dummy sounders to confuse burglars, extra internal sirens to scare off intruders and extra sensors in garage doors.
  2. Don’t let pets stop you putting alarms on – Everest has passive infrared sensors that can be switched off in zones where your pet may be active
  3. Ensure all the locks on your doors and windows work - It may sound obvious but if your locks are insufficient it can affect an insurance claim.  Everest windows not only have multiple-point locking systems that exceed British Security standards, but glass panes are beaded on the inside to help prevent removal of the glass. Everest doors also resist common methods of breaking locks from picking locks to forcing entry
  4. Leaving your car outside the house while you’re away? - Keep keys out of sight of windows, doors and letter boxes to prevent burglars doing a 2-in-1 home and car theft
  5. Don’t write your home address on your luggage label – if it gets into the wrong hands a burglar can track down your empty home
  6. Make sure the house looks occupied – having lights or TVs on a timer are an easy investment to ensure the home doesn’t look empty
  7. Get a trusted neighbour to move your post – to make sure post doesn’t pile up as a clear indication you are not at home
  8. Be careful posting holiday plans on social media – 21st-century burglars will be social media savvy and can detect if you are abroad



**Met Police

'Everest’s Summer Security Tips'

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