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Flat roof ideas 2: unusual but incredibly practical uses for your flat roof

Flat roof ideas 2: unusual but incredibly practical uses for your flat roof

When asked what people would most like to change about their home, one of the most common answers is that they would like more space. At Everest though we believe that limited space simply breeds creativity and we like to challenge ourselves to think of ways to maximise the potential of our customers’ homes.

One of the most overlooked areas within a home is how a person uses, or rather doesn’t use, the space afforded to them via their flat roofs. A little while back we gave you a few ideas on how to make the most of your flat roofs and still the ideas are rolling.

Here are Everest’s top 5 (further) tips for ways to create the extra space you desire:

Open air

1. Rooftop garden

Gardening continues to be a favourite pastime for so many. Whether you are into planting your own fruits and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle or growing your own flowers to decorate your home and spread your joy to others, you can make a garden on top of practically any flat roof space. Either go elaborate by laying strips of real/artificial turf or simply focus on a handful of pots and hanging baskets, creating a cute little garden where you can relax and unwind.

2. Al fresco dining

You don’t need to be abroad to make the most of outdoor dining, and placing yourself on the roof will minimise interruptions from the shade as well as offer more interesting views of your home’s surroundings.

3. Solar spots

As we become more mindful of the energy we use along with ways to become environmentally friendly, many homeowners have and will continue to install solar panels to their houses. Flat roofs offer a safe and easily accessible platform on which to add such devices and if the space is not being used anyway, we recommend you consider placing them in such spaces, which are not easily visible to any passers-by.

Closed roof

As the afternoons become darker and the weather becomes wet, you will of course need a plan B when it comes to maximising your outdoor space. By covering your flat roof with a sheet, you can waterproof the area, encouraging the rain to fall into your guttering system and therefore allowing you continued use of the space in the following ways.

4. Game space

Whether you like a bit of peace and quiet over a nice game of chess or if you own your own snooker/pool/ping pong table, ask yourself if your flat roof might provide the perfect space to place yourself. You may not be able to justify a game’s room indoors, but by moving this outside you can create something of a super fun talking point among your friends.

5. Storage

Every home needs a certain amount of storage space, and flat roofs that are not currently in use can provide a revolutionary way of keeping possessions together whilst freeing up space from within your home.

Got any further ideas for how flat roofs can be used to great advantage. Let us know by posting a comment here or sharing your thoughts via our Facebook and Twitter pages.


'Flat roof ideas 2: unusual but incredibly practical uses for your flat roof'

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