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Conservatory Decor: Furnishing your conservatory

Conservatory Decor: Furnishing your conservatory

One of the most popular additions to any home, a conservatory provides vital space which can be used for virtually any purpose. More than just a practical space, the large glass panels used in the construction of this extension mean they are an important style feature too – so how should you go about furnishing them?

Embrace nature

Most proud owners of a conservatory have one chief aim when decorating this room: bringing the outside in. While this is a great way to enhance one of the best features of your new room you should strive to achieve balance in your design. This means continuing interior design themes from other areas of your home as well as incorporating elements of the great outdoors.

If you’re not a big plant lover or don’t want the extra effort of caring for potted flowers indoors then invest in floral printed fabrics for your soft furnishings instead. These are just as effective and make a quirky and kitsch design element.

Choose your conservatory furniture

The furniture you choose for your conservatory will depend on what you intend to use the room for. Those who want a social space may want to consider individual seats arranged in a circular pattern.

This is ideal for those with traditional, rustic tastes and makes the best use of space in dome-shaped conservatories.

Those with more modern preferences or rectangular conservatories should consider contrasting large sofas or futons for a more contemporary twist.

Protect your furnishings

Whilst furniture is important, it is soft furnishings which add homely touches to rooms in your home. With a conservatory, always match your choice of material to the purpose of the room – opting for resilient fabrics which will not discolour or damage easily.

Remember that exposure to sunlight can bleach materials such as leather so you’ll need to take protective measures. This can be achieved by fitting blinds to the ceiling and windows and by using throws to cover your seating.

Make the most of the space

Designed to increase the amount of space in your home, conservatories should not be cluttered or overfilled.

Make the best use of space in your conservatory by choosing conservatory furniture which works with the size and shape of the extension. This doesn’t have to be anything bulky – even a simple table can look effective whilst giving you a vital place to store loose items.

Look for other innovative storage solutions – such as wooden chests and sofa beds – which increase the functionality of the room and give you the benefit of uninterrupted floor space too.

You should also make use of the natural light at your disposal to create the illusion of more room. Keep windows and doors as clear as possible and opt for light coloured pieces of furniture (pictured), which will not dominate the space or absorb too much light.


'Conservatory Decor: Furnishing your conservatory'

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