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How to clean the outside of windows

How to clean the outside of windows

When your windows are on the ground floor, you can, of course, clean them the same way as you do when indoors. However, for windows in a more precarious position, you might find the following 5 tips pretty useful.

1. Use a sturdy ladder

Pretty simple advice, but to take this a little further, it is never recommended to use a ladder without the assistance of another person. Firstly, the other person can help significantly reduce the chances of an accident by holding the ladder. Secondly, if anything was to go wrong, they would be on hand to help or to call for help if needed. If you get injured then you may not be able to do this alone, so it’s very important. Also, when standing on a ladder, you should never overstretch. Only perform actions within areas you can easily reach.

2. Start from within

There are many instances when the majority of the prep work can actually be done from inside the home. Small dustpan brushes can help loosen debris and you can probably manoeuvre your hand to remove cobwebs with a duster. Vacuum cleaners also offer good cleaning options with their adjustable heads and the more you can do from the inside, the easier the outdoor clean will become.

3. Extended assistance

Long handled brooms can help loosen dirt and specifically made sponges with extendable handles and a water-feeding pole can allow you to clean the surface pretty well. Remember, good cleaning comes more from the angle you are able to achieve as opposed to how close you are to the window. Just ensure you don’t overstretch and you should be able to achieve extremely clean windows without putting yourself in any danger.

4. Design a simple solution

In today’s market there are many windows that allow the sashes to be partially or fully reversed, meaning you can clean the entire window comfortably from indoors. This not only offers enhanced safety and convenience but allows you to maintain the best possible look for your windows and your home.

5. Self-cleaning windows

If your window is located somewhere incredibly difficult to reach, or if you have a vast number of windows running through your home with no time to feasibly tend to them, you might want to consider the option of self-cleaning windows. These special windows have an external glazing that reacts with sunlight and spreads rainwater out across your glass pane. This washes the dirt away and keeps your glass panels looking as good as new, so there’s no need to waste time on this issue any more.

*Article image courtesy of Flickr.

'How to clean the outside of windows'

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