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How to divide a room without doors

How to divide a room without doors

Sometimes, whether it’s due to a lack of space or a lack of budget, we need to get creative within our homes to help achieve the space and functionality we require.

If finding a way to divide the space within your room is giving you a hard time, here are five creative solutions that may help…

1. Curtains

Probably the cheapest material, as well as the simplest method to implement, is to hang some strategically placed curtains throughout certain areas of the room. It will clearly segregate the room and if the colours are well chosen, it can really add an element of innovation and style. Then, within an instant, you can open the curtains and your room will return to normal. As an aside, curtains add flexibility and also allow your room to keep a light and breezy feel, allowing you to relaxe within the space.

2. Storage shelves

The word “storage” often comes with negative connotations, but by erecting a simple open-spaced shelving system you can suddenly use books, plates, ornaments and a whole manner of items that may otherwise be collecting dust in a hidden cupboard to add an artsy centrepiece within your room. Living rooms and dining rooms are the most ideal locations for this to work, allowing you to give a fresh perspective to the space.

3. Sliding divide

There are a range of materials that can be used as “sliders,” helping you to separate your room. Sliding panels of woven fabric allow you to close off different areas of the room by hanging a rail above the area of your choosing. A large piece of neglected wood could also be polished and re-purposed as a barn door of sorts, so there are creative ways of closing parts of your room off to smells, sights and sounds.

4. Screens

A much more traditional method of dividing your room is to use folding screens. Long ago, these were used in China as a vanity screen behind which a person could get changed in private. Even then the design aspects of the screen were embraced as a host of Oriental patterns were designed for decoration. This method is ideal for small apartments as they can fold to practical non-existence when not in use.

5. Books

Before throwing all of your old books away, consider whether you would like to insert a stylish contemporary divider in your room. Stacks of books can create an original, colourful wall, and if you definitely don’t want to read them again, you can even glue them together for extra rigidity.

*Article image courtesy of Jane Rahman via the following license on Flickr.

'How to divide a room without doors'

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