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How to get your conservatory ready for Spring

How to get your conservatory ready for Spring

We have had a very cold couple of weeks which has potentially made you lazy when it comes to utilising the spaces in your home, as you have probably been couched up on the sofa with a hot water bottle and a blanket. Fortunately, spring is on its way and it’s the best time to show off your conservatory! But is your conservatory ready for it?

You must feel overwhelmed with the tasks you need to undergo to get your conservatory ready, so we have listed a few key points that will lift your space back to life.

Spring Clean

Let’s start with the not so exciting part. Cleaning your conservatory from top to bottom will give you a clear start and make you more excited about spending time in it. So get your brushes and polishes out and get scrubbing. Get rid of any signs of winter. Make sure your windows are cleaned, you can always hire a professional to do so.

An interior shot of a white Everest conservatory

Get decorating

Once you have finished cleaning and you have probably thrown out half the content in your conservatory, why not redecorate? Nothing will make your space fresher than redecorating especially if you haven’t for a while. This can just be done by updating your furniture to a different colour, displaying small decorations such as plant pots or a new rug and cushions.


Having a TV in your conservatory can be argued, as some people find that their extra space is a place of relaxation away from technology and the day’s stress. However, installing a TV could mean that you spend more time in it and enjoy the view of spring evenings through your glass walls. You won’t feel guilty about not going outside. If you want to stay clear of having a TV, why not have a radio. Music is a great way of relaxing. Spring evenings with a glass of wine and your favourite artist playing could be a winner.

A white Everest conservatory which complements the home perfectly

Make it cosy

Modern life is often so busy that we forget to take a little time for ourselves. In order to de-stress, enjoy some alone-time or simply take stock of life and future goals, take yourself away from the business of the house and take a few deep breaths when sitting in the conservatory. It is often the most tranquil of environments.

Whilst spring brings moments of sunshine, the weather is still likely to be cold, and especially with our temperamental climate, it’s important to ensure the conservatory is a cosy space to enjoy – placing candles around is a simple trick that will make all the difference.

'How to get your conservatory ready for Spring'