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How to know it's time for new windows

How to know it's time for new windows

There is a very harsh reality, which is that windows seem like an incredibly dull thing to buy with your money.

For many, when excess cash becomes available, they will usually spend it on something that provides more immediate satisfaction believing that their window upgrades “can wait another year.” The problem is that one year often turns into five or six and it sometimes takes something such as a burglary before the homeowner finally gives in.

If only this mind-set could be changed so that homeowners viewed new windows as a savvy long-term investment, because in reality, that’s exactly what it is.

There is a saying within the home improvement trade: “Fit cheaply, fit twice!” This is absolutely true for windows and when a window is fitted well, it won’t have to be replaced for decades, providing you with many benefits during that time.

The 5 most common reasons for needing to replace a window are:

1. It's not fitted securely within the frame

This can pose great problems for two reasons.

Firstly, when air is able to drift in and out, you have very limited control over the heating within your home. The window will rattle and it will be draughty, significantly reducing the level of comfort available to you and increasing the likelihood you'll be paying over the odds to heat your property.

Secondly, and perhaps a little more worryingly, a faulty window can easily be identified by observant intruders and can make your home an easy target.

2. It's damaged and allows condensation to get between the glass

If condensation appears between the glass panes then it means your window isn't performing as efficiently as it should be.

Double and triple glazing works by holding a layer of Argon gas between them in an airtight container. As the gas is denser than cold air, it helps keep your home warm.

However, condensation inside the window is a visual sign that the system has been breached, meaning the gas will have dispersed, allowing cold air to find its way through. On top of this, the site of condensation inside of windows makes them look old and dirty.

3. The frame itself is starting to rot

Aesthetically, this is very bad news for your home, but there are also security and functionality issues as well. Windows only rot once irreversible damage has spread through the material, so it becomes impossible to maintain and very easy to breach should an intruder attempt to displace your window.

4. The plastic has perished, is peeling or discoloured

Again, these issues are simply not reversible and will give your home a look that is far from complimentary. The thing to do is to ensure you're covered through solid guarantees when purchasing the windows, not just on the glass but on the materials as well.

5. Your home needs an upgrade

Sometimes, whether you're moving into a new property or if you want to refresh a home you've lived in for years, you'll have plans for your home improvements that simply mean you want to upgrade your windows – not because they're faulty but because they simply won’t match the new look.

It can be nice to opt for the style that best reflects your personality. The home is an extension of you, after all!  

For further details on what makes a great window, take a look at our Windows Buying Guide.

*Article image courtesy of Kosheahan via the following license on Flickr. 

'How to know it's time for new windows'

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