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How to learn what makes a good conservatory

How to learn what makes a good conservatory


Date: 31/07/2015

When considering the purchase of a new conservatory, it’s likely you’ll have no clear sense of what possibilities they offer. Neither will you necessarily know how best to compare them.

As the information regarding conservatories and all the options available can be quite overwhelming, here are the 8 things that we recommend you look for, helping you differentiate a good conservatory from a bad one:   

1. It satisfies your main need/s

If you are considering getting a conservatory installed then there must be a core reason that is driving the decision. It might sound obvious, but amidst all the distraction make sure the design you choose satisfies the main purpose you need it for.

2. It lets in the right amount of light

Depending on what direction your house faces and whether it is mainly bricks or glass, your conservatory will let in varying amounts of light. Make sure you opt for the correct level of brightness corresponding to what the space will be used for.

3. It looks good and is aesthetically in-keeping with your home

Of course, you won’t aim to choose a conservatory that looks bad, but be clear on whether you want the structure to be subtle, brash or somewhere in between early in the decision-making process to ensure you achieve the look you anticipated.

4. It is easy to clean and maintain

Just like getting a great haircut from a fancy barber, it’s no good looking perfect upon installation if it’s then impossible to maintain within your lifestyle. Make sure you know enough about the materials and what is involved in keeping them looking great before making your final choice.

5. It has a high energy rating to reduce energy bills

The brickwork, the WER Rating of the glass and the air-tightness in the fittings all contribute towards the overall energy efficiency of your conservatory. Make sure the company you purchase from are clear in what the energy rating of your structure will be. If they can’t tell you, it’s a red flag!

6. It is specifically designed for your home

To ensure that a conservatory is as efficient as possible, it must be made to your specific needs. Factors such as local weather conditions, the formation of surrounding trees and the type of soil that lies in your garden all have relevance regarding how it should be designed, and if such details are overlooked, your conservatory has not been made with longevity in mind.

7. It creates a pleasant and comfortable environment

If the finished conservatory is not a place you feel comfortable in then it will be a hugely unfortunate waste of your time, effort and money, so make sure you consider the above points thoroughly before getting swept away in the moment. The intention is for you to feel just as happy to spend time in your conservatory as anywhere else in your home.

8. It has long lasting guarantees that cover all areas of the conservatory

Make sure that you are not sold a product that only offers a guarantee for the glazing. It’s not ideal, but the way companies spin their marketing to make guarantees sound all-encompassing can offer a nasty surprise further down the line if you’re not completely clear. Make sure you know what the guarantee does and doesn’t cover before buying.

If you’d like to learn more about conservatories before calling out a consultant, take a look at the Everest Conservatory Buying Guide.