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How to look after your conservatory

How to look after your conservatory

Making the decision to purchase a new conservatory offers many great benefits to a house, and there’s no doubt that on a bright day when your guests see it glisten in the sun, you'll feel a great deal of pride as you graciously accept people’s compliments.

But how do you ensure your conservatory stays looking pristine through endless gloomy days and long winter nights?

Take a look at our top 5 tips to make sure it's in top shape when the sun makes its glorious return:

1. Don’t abandon it

The reason modern conservatories are made from the finest materials containing the latest technologies is to make the space comfortable all year round. We may not always have the greatest weather in Britain, but what’s wrong with hosting games nights and dinner parties or having an occasional duvet day where you catch up with your favourite TV shows in the conservatory? If you use the space, you will naturally keep it feeling comfortable and looking tidy.

2. Inspect from top to bottom

Conservatories aren’t overly difficult to maintain. In fact, they are one of the simplest rooms to look after within the home. Over time though, the conservatory can collect a little external debris, so you need to be just as observant with the outside and the roof as you are with the inside of the structure.

3. Get right products and tools

A good clean is down to two things – the product you use to loosen the residue and the method you use to access it. To loosen the residue, explore the plentiful soaps available at hardware stores specifically designed for outdoor use. Many other domestic cleaners can be used to great effect on the inside of the roof.

4. Stay grounded

With regards to access, you should never stand on the roof, particularly if it’s made of glass. Instead, pick a tool which allows you to clean the roof from the ground. A regular sponge with an extendable handle or a water-fed pole that allows soap and water to be pumped along the handle are ideal. Seeing what you are doing isn’t as much about height as it is about your angle, so a simple step ladder might be all you need. By maintaining a good balance, the likelihood of an accident is minimal, but it may still be worth getting someone to pass you the necessary tools as you need them.

5. Be persistent

Work methodically from one side of the roof to the other, applying a liberal amount of soap and warm water to loosen residue and stubborn dirt. Rub harder-to-shift stains continuously where needed until all dirt has been removed. Don’t be tempted to use anything abrasive on the glass. Removing tough stains simply requires a little persistence. Also, you should finish with a thorough rinse to avoid smears.

For more details that you might find useful, check out our Conservatories Buying Guide today!

'How to look after your conservatory'

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