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How to measure windows for blinds

How to measure windows for blinds


Date: 15/07/2015

The great thing about window blinds is that they offer a splash of both style and versatility, as well as providing a wonderfully practical solution for your home.

You might have read many “how to measure windows” articles, but making measurements for blinds is a little different as, based on your needs, there are a few variants to be aware of.

To make this process as easy as possible, we have condensed it into another list of 5 easily digestible tips for your convenience.

  1. Be aware of the space - Take a look at your window and note any elements that might prove to be an obstacle for your blinds as they manoeuvre up and down.

    These might include plug sockets, protruding handles and window sills, etc. Once any potential problems are highlighted, they can be dealt with.

  2. If the recess is deep, then the chances are you will be able to design your blinds to fit perfectly inside of them.

    However, if your window has quite a shallow recess space or if you need to be creative to avoid any obstacles, you can fit your blinds outside of the recess to allow enough space for them to operate more smoothly.

  3. Measure up - For width, measure across the top, the middle and the bottom of the window from wall-to-wall.

    Use a metal tape measure as they stiffen to provide more accurate measurements. Out of the three measurements, take the shortest one and subtract 1-centimetre to allow for smooth operation. That is your final width measurement. Do the same for your length measurement, measuring down the centre as well as both edges. The smallest is the length measurement of the window, and from that number you can either subtract 1-centimetre if you intend to hang the blinds inside of the recess or, for blinds set to hand outside of the recess, add as much overhang as you wish to fulfil your own design requirements.

  4. If you are measuring for roller blinds, it is recommended you add an extra 10-centimetres to the width of your window (5-centimetres each side).

    This allows for the operating mechanism, and ensures that the material blocks out external light correctly. Although roller blinds can be fitted inside of the recess, it is always recommended to fit them to the outside.

  5. Be safe, - It is always advisable to double check your measurements.

    If blinds drag against the side of the walls, they won’t operate properly, and if they are cut unevenly or fitted unevenly, they will not be as pleasing to the eye as you’d first hoped. If you take your time and do this correctly, however, your windows can look like something right out of a magazine.

*Header image courtesy of Flickr.