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How to measure windows

How to measure windows

Measuring a window is something that sounds incredibly easy, yet when you are asked to measure a window and record the sizes for an order that may be costing several thousand pounds, suddenly it becomes a much more complicated task and paranoia about whether you are measuring the space correctly often creeps in.

Quite frankly, if a measurement is wrong then the materials for your window will be built incorrectly and the dream of achieving that perfect fit to make your home warmer, safer and quieter disappears along with the hope of saving money through energy efficiency.

Suddenly, there is a whole lot of pressure on what seemed like such a simple task. This is why Everest always send our own specialists - so you can simply focus on choosing the right product and then relax.

However, just to satisfy your curiosity, this is how it’s done.

W i d t h

On the interior side of the window, you will need to take three measurements: one across the top, one across the middle and one across the bottom. You must ensure you measure from brick-to-brick, or whatever your side panels may be, and not the existing window frame.

Circle the smallest measurement, and that is your width size.

*Note: Ensure sash is moved out of the way for the most accurate measurements.

H e i g h t

To measure the height of your window, you must take another three measurements: one along the far left of the opening, one at the centre and one at the far right, from top-to-bottom.

Circle the smallest measurement. This is your height size.

*Note: Measure from the cill to the tallest part of the opening that you can access.

When recording your sizes, always write the width first followed by the height. These measurements should be recorded in Centimetres and are usually all that is needed to get you a quote, but if you are interested in the further measurements of windows…

D e p t h

Measure the thickest part of the brickwork / side panel. This measurement is your depth.

N o n – r e c t a n g u l a r

If you’re measuring a non-rectangular window (arches, etc) then measure from the centre of the arch (or the tallest point) to the base frame of the window. then add half an inch to the measurement for safety.

In a nutshell, this is how it’s done. Some window formations such as multi-bay windows are far more complicated, but our best advice is to book a free consultation to ensure your windows fit the best!

*Article image by Oda Lanizi.

'How to measure windows'

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