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How to measure your front door

How to measure your front door

Unless you are a skilled professional, it is never advisable to fit your own doors and windows. However, it is sometimes useful to know what size your door is and so here we answer a surprisingly common question:

“Just how exactly do I measure my door?”

Here are 5 quick tips that will allow you to get those measurements.

1. What handing is your door?

If you stand sideways with your back to the hinge-side of the door, take note of whether the door swings open to the left or right. That will determine whether it is a left or right-hand door.

2. Measure the width of the door

Take a tape measure and stretch it evenly across the middle of the door, noting the length down on a piece of paper. Make sure you measure the door itself and not the opening within your wall.

3. Measure the height of your door

Take your tape measure and place it on the bottom of the door, running the tape measure up to the top. Measure the door itself and not the opening, and as a small tip, measuring the hinge-side of the door, as opposed to the front or back, represents the true figure you are after. Jot it down.

4. Measure the depth of your door

This means the width of the actual door, so run your tape measure across the lock-side edge of the door for extra convenience before writing down the figure on your piece of paper. Again, take this measurement from the actual door and not the door frame, as surroundings and fittings can make the measurement a little inaccurate.

5. Do the math

On your paper will be three digits - Height x Width x Depth.

That’s it!

After more detailed information on doors? Take a look at our Doors Buying Guide.

*Article image courtesy of Ciara McDonnell subject to the following license on Flickr.

'How to measure your front door'

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