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How to paint windows

How to paint windows

Thankfully, the process of having to paint windows isn’t something that we need to do too often. However, if it has been a number of years since you last gave them a lick of paint, or if you wish to give your home a fresher feel by opting for a new colour on the window trims, it might be time to get the paint brush out.

Here are 5 great tips on how to paint your windows at home.

1. Remove handles and hardware

Avoid taking shortcuts and take the time to remove anything from the window that you do not wish to paint. It doesn’t take too long and if you go the extra mile by giving them a clean and a polish, your windows will be transformed by the time the paint dries.

2. Use a brush

When it comes to painting on larger surface areas, it is always advised to use a roller because it helps avoid the look of brush strokes, which can be troublesome if you possess limited painting skills. However, as window frames and adjoining bars are so narrow, there is little other choices than to use a brush as it allows you greater control, which is needed for smaller areas. The good news is you can achieve an accomplished look by dabbing the edge of the brush against the surface.  

3. Correct mistakes right away

Let’s not kid ourselves. Unless you are a particularly gifted painter then you are going to make mistakes, and that’s absolutely fine. However, make sure you have a quality window cleaner to hand and spray it over the affected area, wiping it dry with a cloth as soon as you have strayed. Waiting to clean this up once the paint has dried will make the task much harder and add a lot of time and rigour to the task. Remember, the paint should overlap onto the glass slightly, just ensure it does so in a straight line. If the paint does dry then a bladed window scraper is usually the best tool to get it off.

4. Find inspiration in preparation

No matter what the colour of the window you are painting, even if it is fairly neutral, it is always recommended that you use a primer before adding your preferred coat/s of paint. If you are preparing a wooden frame then it is recommended you to sand it down to ensure a smooth surface before adding your layers. Again, this takes a little more time, but the final result will be a much more polished and professional look.

5. Take your time

This is good advice across the board as rushed jobs always scream "amateur" come the end. Don’t start the task if you don’t have time to do it right, and try to start as early in the day as possible as your paint will take several hours to dry and you won’t want to leave your windows open or without locks and handles overnight.

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'How to paint windows'

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