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How to remove paint from windows

How to remove paint from windows

Whether you’ve spent good money on installing your dream windows or you’ve worked hard to complete the perfect DIY job, there is little more annoying than realising there is paint on the window.

Fear not!

Here are the 5 steps you should take to get paint off your windows:

1. Use the right tools

What does the window cleaning kit involve? We hear you cry! It’s pretty straight forward. If you can assemble a bucket, some hot water mixed with dishwasher liquid, a sponge, a safety razor or mini-scraper and some glass cleaner, you’ll be golden.

2. Get it wet

Cover the entire window in soapy water with the sponge. By doing this you'll be taking steps towards the prevention of scratches as your lubricated windows will stop the razor digging into the surface. As an extra precaution, you can lay tarp down on your windowsill and continue to reapply the water whenever it begins to dry.

3. Getting in the right position

Holding the razor in the right position can really help make things easier, and as close to a 45-degree angle - starting at the edge of the paint - has been found to be the most efficient.

4. Go slow and smooth

When the paint is damp enough, it should come away in one clean piece as opposed to breaking into flakes. Make sure you clean the blade after each stroke to maximise efficiency and always move in the same direction, easing the blade off the glass to avoid scratches. Be aware of how easily the blade moves to ensure no damage is being inflicted.

5. Glide over the finish line

As soon as you’re done, get straight to work with some heavy duty glass cleaner. Use a dry cloth to get your window looking so shiny, sparkly and new that you’ll
suddenly be grateful the paint got spilt in the first place.

*Header image courtesy of Flickr.

'How to remove paint from windows'

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