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How to set up the perfect brunch for celebrations

How to set up the perfect brunch for celebrations

Brunch, you have probably heard this word countless times and have come across restaurants and cafes that are offering the late breakfast/late lunch type of dining. This culture is becoming increasingly popular because it is the perfect hangout for people, as we associate brunch with weekend get-togethers with family and friends. The environment, the food and the company all make up the most perfect weekend.


As ‘brunching’ is becoming more popular; dinner parties have taken a back seat as brunch parties have become the first choice for those who are after a more relaxed atmosphere rather than a formal dinner. Setting up the perfect brunch table can be tricky, so we have put together some ideas that could get your table looking extraordinary.

Everest conservatory

Begin with the table location. To create the feeling of relaxation, your table should be located somewhere there is maximum natural light. This may be the best chance to show off your conservatory as the high glass roof will make your brunch feel classy yet refreshing.

Once you have picked your table location, get setting! To take the stress away from you on the brunch day, why not set the table a day or two before and you can always add more to it. Your table should represent the celebration or even the season. Pick one colour and work with the different shades to make sure there is a running theme and that nothing looks miss match. For example, if you have a light pink floral serving plate, use a dark pink placemat. Having your brunch in the conservatory gives you the best backdrop so why not use a colour that’s present in your garden or even pick some flowers for the table piece?

Everest conservatory

Flowers can play a very significant part on a dining table. They will provide a delightful conversation point, injection of colour and spread out a beautiful fragrance. To display your flowers on the table, use elegant vases, 2 small ones for each side and one large centre vase. Before you place your flowers, add a lace tablecloth over the table with charger plates that are the colour of your theme. Finally, set your plates and cutlery with decorative napkins displayed on top. To add a personal touch, handwrite place cards or have a chalkboard with the menu written on it by the side of the table.

If you are wondering what to serve for your brunch, Phil Vickery has exclusively made a brunch menu for Everest customers which you can read here

Bruch is a great way to get family or friends together for any celebration. Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration on setting your table.

'How to set up the perfect brunch for celebrations'

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