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Kerb Appeal - Increasing the value of your home

A common misconception is that a driveway is just a place to park your car, but increasingly we’re seeing people investing in a driveway to increase the value of their home. Of course, an essential part of your driveway is to keep your car safe, but if done well, you can add kerb appeal too. After all, first impressions count and for many buyers, a well-designed, low maintenance driveway is more valuable and appealing than a garden that’s never used. 

So what are the benefits?

Aesthetic appeal

Whether it’s friends, family or perspective buyers, a driveway is the first thing anyone will see, so it’s important to invest in an attractive driveway that complements existing paths and pavements to make your house more appealing. With a range of paving products in a variety of styles, patterns and colours, Everest make it easy for you to make your home look its best.

Added functionality

A professional driveway allows you to make the most of your space, and our team can help advise you on how to add more parking space for your vehicles.

Adding value to your home

In this day and age, we’re becoming increasingly time poor, and for prospective buyers, a property that doesn’t need a load of work done is very appealing. By investing in a new driveway you’re giving potential buyers one less thing to worry about. Not only this, but in some areas the ability to park a car close to the door comes at a huge premium, so if there is room to add one, you’re sure to increase value to your home.

Ok great, so why Everest?  

Everest driveways are made with the finest materials and very latest technology – two marks of any Everest products and an Everest Driveway will give you the following benefits:

  • 10-year guarantee on the materials and the installation
    • Installation speed – the team can install quality bespoke driveways within 6-weeks of purchase
    • Deep and solid foundations to ensure the driveway doesn’t shift over time
    • Great style – rustic, contemporary and iconic styles to customise the look of the home  
    • Stunning patterns – a vast array of options for driveway patterns
    • Long lasting colour – with a range of colour options to choose from
    • Kerbs and edging to match the preferred design
    • Innovatively designed to secure efficient, responsible drainage
    • Bespoke installation using top quality workmanship to fit designs into any space

Discover Everest's huge range of windows, doors, conservatories and security systems. Visit our Homepage to talk to an expert and view our full selection of products. 

'Kerb Appeal - Increasing the value of your home'

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