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Don't be SAD: Top 5 tips for letting more light into your home this winter

Don't be SAD: Top 5 tips for letting more light into your home this winter

The level of light in our homes can directly affect our mood. Even outdoors, the lack of natural light in Britain’s winter months leads many people to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. With more varied jobs and work patterns infiltrating our lives, it’s very important to ensure your home remains the one place that you can always depend upon getting the most light.

Take a look at our top 5 tips for bringing more light, and subsequently more happiness, into your life:
1. Get an outside opinion

Often, when we become used to a particular setting, we can become guilty of accepting negative situations instead of fixing them. In fact, if certain areas of your home are particularly dim and gloomy, you might not even notice. Therefore, get a friend to walk around your house with you and discuss whether new windows or doors might help let more light into the darker corners of your rooms.

2. Less is more
It is a common mistake to believe that for a room to feel warm, it has to be plastered in warm colours. Before you know it, the walls are painted in burnt orange, the furniture is made up of dark wood and the curtains are dark and heavy, creating a room that saps energy the moment you step into it. However, if your room is made up of neutral or pastel colours, the odd caramel cushion or chocolate brown rug can create the illusion of warmth in a bright, uplifting room. Job done!

3. Spot the difference
Dark or wood panelled ceilings can make a big impact in terms of style and design, but over time, this can lead to us feeling “closed in” and have a negative effect on us. Therefore, consider installing spotlights with dimmer switches in the ceiling to give you complete control over the environment. Also, by making a feature of fairy lights in the dark, neglected corners of your room you will be amazed by how magical it suddenly starts to feel.

4. Things aren’t always black and white
Once upon a time, interior designers would frown upon anyone who dared to put light and dark materials together. However, these days you’d be labelled a modern visionary! Light counters with dark cabinets and even contrasting doors on cupboards injects an instantly engaging energy that will pick you up and make you glad to spend more time at home.

5. Allow yourself to reflect
If a room is small, hang a mirror on the wall that happens to face a window and suddenly the excess light it reflects will combine with the illusion you have much more space than you actually do. It is a tried and tested trick that will make you feel uplifted every time you remember how clever you were!

What are the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Many people suffer from SAD throughout the UK, and there are countless cases that are not diagnosed. Basically, though, if you experience:

* A consistent lack of energy
* Uncharacteristic sleeping problems 
* Loss of libido
* Enhanced anxiety
* Growing irritation around people
* Gloomy spells for no obvious reason
* Sweet and/or carb cravings, leading to heightened weight gain

then you may be able to significantly improve your mood by following the tips above.

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If you have any more tips for how to bring more light into your life, please feel free to share them on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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'Don't be SAD: Top 5 tips for letting more light into your home this winter'

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