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Make the most of your conservatory through winter, spring, summer and autumn

Make the most of your conservatory through winter, spring, summer and autumn

Whether you have a conservatoryorangeryglass extension or tile roof extension in your home, it’s beneficial for any number of reasons, but an overwhelming number of people only take advantage of the space during the summer months. That means for 75% of the year, the room remains neglected and your house effectively shrinks in terms of space.

Don’t let this be the case for you. Instead, let 2015 be the springboard for making the most of your home all year round. Here are some ideas for how to maximise the space during every season.

S p r i n g

Map out your garden
Your conservatory gives you the ideal vantage point to monitor and discuss the current look of your garden, allowing you to create a strategy for what you would like to achieve over the coming months. Now that the ice has gone, this is the perfect time to start planting!

Embrace your hobbies
Whether you are a devout reader, avid knitter, skilled carpenter, model-building enthusiast or a peaceful bird watcher, utilise the haven offered by your conservatory. The extra light will lift your mood and the natural scenery will enhance your productivity.

The game of life
Whatever your age, it’s very important to make some time in your life for games. They lead to escapism and laughter and these are great ways to relieve stress and some fond memories with your family and friends. Monopoly, Scrabble, Ludo, Cluedo, Snakes & Ladders, Cranium, Chess… the list is as endless as it is fun!

Get your files in order
As you near the end of the tax year, you may need a laid-back setting in order to go through all those expense receipts and make sure your accounts are in order. If this doesn’t affect you then maybe you have hundreds of photos lying in your phone or digital camera that need to be brought to life via after-effect programmes and/or your computer? Either way, your conservatory can provide the perfect space in which to work.

Modern life is often so busy that we forget to take a little time for ourselves. In order to de-stress, enjoy some alone-time or simply take stock of where you are and what your future goals need to be, take yourself away from the business of the house and take a few deep breaths when alone inside of your conservatory. It is often the most tranquil of environments.

S u m m e r

The reason barbeques are so popular in the UK is that it combines two of the things we most love – socialising and eating. Add the fact we’re no longer dictated by poor weather then it’s no wonder we feel the need to share our happiness with those nearest to us. The fact that meat tastes so much juicier off the Barbie is all the better!

Enter the melting pot
For many people, their appetites shrink during the summer, so it’s a good idea to make a lot of soups and fruit smoothies to ensure you get the right amount of nutrients within the meals you do eat. The conservatory offers the perfect setting in which to research and prepare your recipes.

Make the best things even better
For some, their idea of a perfect day involves reading the latest book. For others, it might be waking up to a pot of fresh coffee as they read their Sunday paper. For so many perfect days, a conservatory provides the ideal setting to elevate the experience to another level.

Walk down the catwalk
Invite some friends over and run a fashion show in your conservatory, where you each model one-another’s clothes to see if you want to make any purchases, trades or simply rid your wardrobe of any malfunctions. Give all unwanted items to charity so you get to do a good deed whilst clearing out your old clothes and having a shed load of fun!

Happy nappy
In general, we’re significantly more active during the summer months, yet we eat a lot less. Take advantage of any downtime you might have by taking regular naps, helping your mind stay fresh and your body rested.

A u t u m n

Express yourself
Are you a secret painter? Do you like to draw on the sly? Whether you are a fully-fledged artist or an enthusiast who likes to doodle every now and then, allow yourself to actually “see” what is around you by taking full advantage of the views from your conservatory in the autumn.

Story time
You don’t have to build a den for this, but getting cosy and reading your children a few stories is a lovely way to spend some quality time together as a family, and the golden light offered by the autumn sky will only add to the magic.

Be a memorable communicator
Do you remember what it felt like to receive hand-written letters? How much more personal and therefore special it was to know that somebody had sat down and thought about you? Buy some nice paper, sit down and write personalised letters to your family and friends, helping make sure your note stands out from the countless e-mails that lie in their cyber-folder.

Bake (Off)!
Do you know why hit show, the Great British Bake Off, is filmed in an outdoor marquee? Because it is visually more pleasing than a standard kitchen (important for telly), more therapeutic for the contestants (good for their tempers) and more practical for all the moving around you need to do during your bake (good for the camera crew). Put simply, if you have the space, why restrict yourself to a hot, sweaty and largely uninspiring kitchen?

Another one for the scrapbook
There are very few things cooler than creating a scrapbook. Whether they are for yourself to store cherished memories or for a loved-one to remember their past with fondness and nostalgia, you can create this wonderful gift in the serenity of your conservatory.

W i n t e r

Plan your summer holidays
Whether you are a lover of the cold or you worship the sun, there is no better way to discuss potential destinations than when you’re surrounded by windy, rainy or frosty environments whilst you remain toasty warm inside. You’ll find the weather will either inspire you to seek venues with similar climates or remind you exactly why you’re craving for idyllic shores.

Work online
Whether you are in a digital line of work, have a creative hobby or simply like to spend a little of your evening browsing online, it can be far more productive spending this time away from any distractions such as the television, and the sounds of wind and rain can really help you relax.

Arrange a little get together
In the build-up to Christmas, many people are seeking ways to stay indoors and save a little money, so you might find that forwarding an invitation to your friends for a cheeky little drink or social gathering in your conservatory is welcomed with open arms and will really help jazz up the week for everybody involved.

Have a duvet day
If you’re a parent, when is the last time you let your inner child out to really have some fun? Take the television through to the conservatory and build a den where the dress code is pyjamas and a thick duvet, then proceed to spend some quality time with your little ones over masses of movies and the occasional treat. Your kids will absolutely love it!

Work out
Too cold to go for a run? Too dangerous to travel to the gym? You can make excuses or you can use the ample room offered by your conservatory to keep trim whilst everybody else feasts on a diet of mince pies and turkey!

Season Dates for 2015

Spring: Friday, 20th March
Summer: Saturday, 21st June
Autumn: Monday, 22nd September
Winter: Sunday, 21st December


'Make the most of your conservatory through winter, spring, summer and autumn'

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