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Personalising your conservatory

Personalising your conservatory

Investing in a conservatory provides a great opportunity to introduce an entirely new element into your home. In many ways a conservatory is something of a blank slate; the way it turns out very much depends on what you want to get out of it. This is particularly true of Everest’s bespoke conservatories, which we tailor specifically to your vision. Take a look at the Conservatories section of our main site for more information about our range of Conservatory designs, from elegant Victorian conservatories to continental Orangeries.

Choosing an overall style is just the first stage in personalising your conservatory though. How you furnish and accessorise your new space depends largely on how you intend to use it. If you want to create an area for rest and relaxation, then some soft furnishings such as a chaise longue or a small dining table can create a blissful and comfortable space. Because of the large amount of available light, conservatories are idea places for indoor plants as well. Many people fill their conservatories with plants to create a luxurious indoor garden, combining the best elements of the outdoors with the comfort and warmth of indoors, all year round!

Consider what kind of flooring you want in your conservatory too. Laminate flooring or tiling is stylish and easy to keep clean, a particular consideration if you have children who may be running in and out from the garden. If you wish to create a more traditional sitting room feel then carpeting may feel more appropriate.

At Everest we offer a number of decorative finishing touches to our conservatory designs, from self-cleaning windows to ceiling fans and electric roof vents. Make sure you talk to our designers about how you can utilise our enormous range to create the individualised space you’ve always dreamed of.

'Personalising your conservatory'

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