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Top 5 British summer cocktails

Summer is all about socialising in the UK and while the weather is not always perfect, most of us find some time to enjoy at least some drinks with friends. That means cocktails!

Check out these lovely summer cocktails:

Pimm’s Original Cocktail

Is there anything more British than a Pimm’s cocktail? All you need is Pimms, lemonade, cucumber, apple, and fresh mint. Mix all ingredients together in a large glass pitcher and serve chilled.


 This cocktail, which became popular in London in the 1920s, is tasty and very easy to make. Simply mix ice, 1 oz Scotch, 1 oz dry vermouth, and 1 oz pineapple juice in a shaker, shake… and enjoy!

Watermelon Martini

 This cosmopolitan cocktail has gained popularity in London in the last decade. What is its secret of success? Take note: 5 oz vodka, 1 fl oz watermelon schnapps, 2 pieces watermelon, and sugar. Mix all the ingredients in a shaker and serve with a piece of watermelon.


 Originally from Cuba, this drink is also a classic here too. Mash mint and brown sugar together. Then add 2 oz of rum and lime juice. Top the whole mix up with soda water and serve with fresh mint leaves.


 Despite its exotic colour, this gin-based drink is also very British. To prepare it you only need to mix 5 oz London dry gin, 30 drops gomme syrup and 10 drops Angostura bitters. Add a dash of Blue Curacao liqueur; done! 

'Top 5 British summer cocktails'

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