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Top 5 innovative space-saving designs

Whether you’re furnishing a bijou city pied-a-terre or a generously proportioned country house, space is a valuable commodity. We all want to make the most of every square metre when setting up our dream homes, so it makes sense that the most ingenious furniture designers naturally turn their minds to creating beautiful and clever space-saving solutions. Here are just a few of the innovative creations currently headlining our interior wish-lists:

1. Futuristic memories

The fantastic new Noumenon chair from Belgian furniture designer Carl de Smet self-expands to create a fabulous seat. The organic-looking rounded chair, reminiscent of a natural sea sponge, is carved from hi-tech rigid memory foam, which can be compressed flat to 5% of its original size for transportation or storage, then restored by heating to 70 degrees – as hot as a sauna. He’s currently experimenting with the next step of using an electrical current to trigger the ‘growing’ process; a glimpse of a brave new world of flat-packed furniture where Allen keys are relegated to museums

2.  Slot machine

Matthew Pauk’s Tetris-like Slot sofa comes apart into a whole living room set. The chesterfield-style sofa has clean, simple lines, and a built-in plywood coffee table unit that slides in and out of the cushions to provide multiple set-ups. You can fit the table neatly between two seats – perfect for cups of tea! Pull out the table to enjoy a three-person sofa with a pyramid-tiered table in front, or use the lower cushions to create an additional ottoman-style seat. Brilliantly adaptable, this is a great space-saver that we sincerely hope catches on in the high street.

3. Walk-in style

Hosun Ching for Yanko has created a stylish minimalist storage unit that can also bring to life your dreams of a walk-in wardrobe. A sleek blank blonde wood façade folds out to reveal a clever combination of hanging space, drawers and shelves at the back, along with a mirror and extra shelf unit on each side. Additional shallow shelves maximise the space’s full storage potential, and the fold-out sides transform your neat bedroom into a walk-in for however long it takes you to dress.

4. A place for everything

The Kai is a large, low square coffee table that would look fantastic in a spacious contemporary living room. Neat and sleek, it folds out into a cornucopia of small storage spaces of assorted sizes to suit your every need. The inventive way designers Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Kitahara have combined its range of boxes and drawers makes this a guaranteed conversation piece, as well as the ideal place to store all those essentials that can so easily clutter up your living space.

5. Stairs into space

Lately we’ve seen some of the most innovative space saving ideas in an unexpected place: the staircase. Doubling as a chest of drawers or a bookshelf, the staircase can be a great way to make most of the space underneath the stairs. Possibly not the ideal place for an underwear drawer, but a great way to tuck away anything else, from spare bed linen to sports kit or stationary.


'Top 5 innovative space-saving designs'

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