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Top five tips to help keep spiders out of your home

Top five tips to help keep spiders out of your home

Sometimes we feel that spiders get a bit of a bad rap. They’re not really trying to hurt anyone, but even though the vast majority of spiders are completely harmless, many people are terrified by the very sight of them.

At Everest, the best thing we can do is suggest ways of minimising the number of creepy-crawly encounters within your home.

Sound good?

Alright, then keep reading to see our top 5 tips for keeping spiders at bay.

1. Keep your house tidy

Spiders live in webs and by regularly dusting and keeping your house tidy, you are refusing to cater for the unwanted lodgers. Your vacuum will also remove potential nesting places for the eight-legged beasts, who might be laying the foundations for their home even if you are unable to see it. Stay on top of this and they will have no choice but to seek residence elsewhere.

2. Keep insects off your surfaces

Spiders eat insects and so naturally, they follow them wherever they go. By making a natural cleaning solution of equal parts water and white vinegar, you can wipe down your windows, floors, counters and walls, removing the insects’ tracks and, better still, discouraging them from climbing across the surfaces in the first place.

3. Store food away

When cooking, take the time to put any uneaten food into containers and place loose items away in the fridge. Remember, any excess crumbs – no matter how small – will attract both spiders and insects. Clean all surfaces right away to make sure you avoid unwanted attention.

4. Don’t do junk

Everybody knows that spiders love dark, unorganised spaces that have an excess of neglected items lying around. The knowledge that they nest there is what makes such places so creepy! If, however, you stay on top of your storage areas, spiders will feel far too exposed to set up home.

5. Shut up shop

If there are any gaps and holes in and around your windows and doors, spiders will see that as an open invitation to enter. New windows and doors can be made-to-measure the actual openings and you can also install hardened seals to stop the grizzly fiends from setting foot (or feet) inside.

Got any more top tips for keeping unwanted bugs and insects out of your home? Share your advice on our Facebook and Twitter pages so others can benefit from your wisdom.

'Top five tips to help keep spiders out of your home'

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