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Why you should turn your double glazed conservatory into a home office

Why you should turn your double glazed conservatory into a home office


Date: 02/05/2014

A home office space needn’t be an exact replica of a dreary office building, complete with beige walls and uninspiring views. 

In fact, there are several reasons why a conservatory would make a much better work space than a spare bedroom.

Natural light

The common image of the study as a dark, wood-panelled room, filled with rows of book cases and leather chairs may not be lacking in class, but it is lacking a fundamental appreciation of human biology.

Natural light is crucial to maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm, which means staying alert during the day, and sleeping well at night.

From recent articles in Psychology Today to principles enshrined by the UK government’s Health and Safety Executive, the importance of natural light to workplace performance is widely recognised – and no room can match the conservatory for natural light.

If you’re worried about glare issues, don’t be. They are easily solved by a carefully planned furniture layout, simple, sheer fabric drapes, or blinds, which provide extra privacy too.

Separate space

When you’re working from home, your personal and professional lives risk bleeding into one another. But unlike studies, which are normally nestled in the heart of a home, conservatories have the advantage of being like a separate space from your house proper.

That makes it much easier to switch in and out of work mode, and thus maintain a healthier work/life balance.

What’s more, if your conservatory is accessible via a back or side door, you can bring business associates in for meetings without having to traipse through the rest of the house.

Taking a breather

Sitting in a small room and looking at a screen all day can take its toll on your eyes. Having double glazed windows looking onto your garden makes it much easier to give yourself those short breaks that allow your eyes to refocus on the distance, and prevent them from over tiring.

Similarly, you’ll find that instant access to your garden makes it easier to clear your head. Whether you have a five minute wander to think about a project, eat your lunch outside, or simply get some fresh air while you’re taking a phone call, it makes for a much more pleasant working environment.


One thing classic Victorian studies did get right was their love for deep, dark green objects. The burgeoning field of colour psychology suggests that green is a relaxing, restorative colour and, as Andrew Elliot, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, puts it, “green is relaxing because it is associated with growth and nature.” So what better way to experience that association than with a view of your garden?

Have you turned your conservatory into a home office? Let us know your top tips below and readEverest reviews here