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UK home security facts: The most common home security mistakes

UK home security facts: The most common home security mistakes

As security is such a big part of what Everest stands for, we took it upon ourselves to do a little research in the build-up to Home Security Week. Our findings helped us weigh up the most frequent break-in statistics with the most common homeowner habits so we could offer advice on how to further protect your home.

On the 6th October, our Product Manager, Jill McLintock attended a radio interview to discuss home security, and as we are now approaching the time when people are statistically most likely to suffer from break-ins, we feel the need to re-iterate the importance of being vigilant.

We spoke to more than 1,000 men and women from all over the UK, and this is what we found:

More than 50% of homeowners go out locally, forgetting to close and lock their windows and doors.

Nipping out to buy a pint of milk or heading over to catch-up with a neighbour might only take five minutes, but when you consider that an overwhelming 71% of burglars target the front door (21% of which walk through an unlocked door) and 6% of opportunists climb in through an open window, those five minutes could see a complete stranger take what is most valuable to you.

Doors and windows are the most likely access point in home burglaries.

When hearing the word “security,” it is very easy to think of security systems and alarms, but although it’s true that the presence of such systems prevent large numbers of burglaries, it should be stressed that by simply ensuring your windows and doors are locked shut, you are making life infinitely more difficult for potential thieves, who will more than likely pass by looking for the next easy target.

1.25 million UK homes have no security at all.

Out of the 71% of burglars who will test the front door, 28% of them will force the lock. The best ways of deterring them further are to ensure your locking system is incredibly secure and also to install an alarm system that will make them aware they’ve been rumbled.

More than 10% of people put no extra security in place before going out to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.

Whenever there is a chance people won’t be at home, burglars will be looking to take full advantage. Being that Guy Fawkes Night is traditionally celebrated outdoors by attending one of the countless firework displays it is hardly surprising that this is a particularly high-risk period. This year, November the 5th comes on a Wednesday, meaning the weekend of the 1st and 8th November will see many celebrations. If there is more you can do to secure your home, we would strongly recommend it.

Over 10% of people in the UK do not check their home is secure before going away for Christmas.

An extraordinary statistic was given that people are leaving their homes for significant periods of time during one of the highest-risk break-in periods of the year. If even one door is left unlocked or one window is left ajar, burglars will have ample time to enter your home and remove your valuables – and you won’t even be able to make a valid claim on your insurance.

20% of UK homes have been broken into.

That’s an incredible 1 in 5 homes, meaning this is an issue that really does require our attention. We must also bear in mind that not all victims report the incidents, so the real figure should actually be higher.

Many burglars often avoid smashing windows but attempt to force the frames themselves.

More than a quarter of the people we surveyed admitted to using their dogs as a burglar deterrent, which can be an incredibly unreliable method of protection and with statistics showing there is a 20% increase in home burglaries during darker months, we really aim to make people more aware of such facts so they can take greater steps to protecting themselves and their families at home.

Over the next month, we will be releasing further content to help you counter the risk of burglary, and our hope is that together, we can fight to push these statistics the right way.

In the meantime, you can read more about Everest’s home security research 


'UK home security facts: The most common home security mistakes'

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