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Why choose grey uPVC windows?

Why choose grey uPVC windows?

When it comes to design homeowners are paying more attention than ever to the exterior of their home. It is not just about picking the right style of window, door or conservatory, colour is now a playing factor. The popularity of colour continues to grow due to the advances in technology and materials changing the way windows look and how they are used.

Introducing colour to the exterior of your home can completely transform the look and feel of the building. As such, the demand for more than just the “white UPVC window” is increasing rapidly. UPVC products are now readily available in a wider palette of colour finishes that range from traditional wood styles like “Golden Oak” right through to the more contemporary colours such as “Anthracite Grey”.

Grey windows, in particular, is taking over beige and white, offering a timeless, sophisticated look to compliment your home. We have most certainly seen grey become progressively popular at Everest, with a massive 77% increase in grey uPVC windows as more people look for uPVC coloured windows.

Falling into the “neutral” colour family (along with shades of white, cream, black, brown and stone), the former dull and lifeless shade, is fast becoming the colour of trend thanks to inspirational TV programmes, such as Grand Designs, and the rise of Scandinavian chic interiors.

Dubbed as “the new white,” grey works well across numerous house styles, from super trendy modern spaces to more traditional, period properties. The neutral colour can create a calming and elegant effect, both inside and outside your home, making it the perfect shade of choice if you want a subtle break from conformity.

Matching window and bi-fold doors in anthracite grey

Did you know?

In the Middle Ages, grey was the colour of undyed wool and was the colour most commonly worn by peasants and the poor.

Grey in your home

If you are afraid of steering away from white to grey, you shouldn’t be. As our statistics show, the colour is on trend and one that is here to stay. From grey walls to grey floors, this neutral colour will make your rooms look sophisticated, sumptuous and it pretty much goes with any other colour.

If you have grey walls, you can have a pale pastel colour sofa, or even bright colours which will be enhanced with a grey backdrop. If you want to play it safe, you can incorporate grey slowly by having grey cabinets, tables and accessories.

What is so special about grey is that it does not have a personality of its own. White would seem pure and clean, but grey would almost be absent. This is great, as the colour takes a back seat and allows other colours in your home to be highly visible.

Grey interiors are a modern and contemporary option

Did you know?

Grey is a common colour for animals, providing natural camouflage and allowing them to blend in with their surroundings.

What are the options?

At Everest, we offer several gradations of grey. You can opt for “Everest Light Grey” for that muted understated look, or choose a much darker “Smooth Anthracite” for something that’s all together bolder and more distinctive. We also offer grey woodgrain finishes on timber windows for a more traditional feel.

We know homeowners may want a colour a little more interesting than the generic white uPVC option, but a bold colour like red or green may not suit the look of the property. Grey offers the perfect compromise. Additionally, you can keep the colour on the outside of your home, opting for colour foils on the exterior with a white internal finish.

Close up of an Everest uPVC window in grey cedar

What about a grey front door?

Everest grey composite entrance doors

Grey is not only one of the most popular colours for uPVC windows, but for front doors too. Grey front doors are currently the best-selling door colour at Everest, with 64% more home owners opting for this subtle, contemporary shade as a statement entrance to their homes.

However you choose to incorporate colour into your home, we believe grey window frames are a great choice to get the best of both worlds, by adding style in a subtle way.

For inspiration and to see all of our colour options check our windows colour page.

'Why choose grey uPVC windows?'

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