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Why size actually matters?

Why size actually matters?

There are definitely many disadvantages of having small windows in your home as it makes a room appear dark and dingy, almost claustrophobic. However, big windows in your home can make it seem like an exquisite space. While it is daylight, it brings a happy and soothing quality, while it is dark it can create a serene and romantic atmosphere. This is why we believe that homes with big windows have a great appeal and here are some of the other reasons why.


Larger windows are the interface between the interior of a home and the exterior of a home. Picture yourself opening your window one morning and feeling the fresh air and energy enter your home and hearing the birds sing, and the rustling of trees. You get to experience this in the comfort of your own home.



Natural light has a great element in our day to day life, which also helps in imparting a sense of life in the inhabitants of a space. Big windows will certainly expose your space to light especially the sunlight which can be desired the most in dark and dingy rooms. As well as making a room appear larger and brighter, daylight comes with many health benefits; it helps boost energy and positive thinking which can lead to a healthier life.


 You are probably thinking that big windows can cause loss of heat in your home right? Triple glazing is designed just for this. It helps you keep warmer when its cold outside and cooler when it's warmer outside. So you do not need to fear having big windows, it will benefit you in many ways saving you money on energy bills, providing natural light and in general making your home a happy home.

'Why size actually matters?'

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