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How to clean sash windows

How to clean sash windows

Cleaning sash windows

How to clean sash windows

On uPVC Sash windows you will not be able to remove the sash. However, there are some steps you can take to help clean your windows.

  • Slide the lower sash up about 3 inches (From inside).
  • Slide the 2 x finger latches inwards towards the centre (these are found on the top edge of the sash).
  • The sash will then drop inwards, allowing you to clean from inside.
  • The same with the top sash (this must be done with the lower sash already tilted for cleaning).
  • Lower about 3 inches.
  • Pull latches in towards centre.
  • The sash will drop inwards to enable cleaning.
  • To re-engage simply close sashes with both hands.


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