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Driveways Benefits

Our driveways comes with the following benefits

  • Built to last

    Our driveways are built so they last. Our foundations use compacted MoT type 1 hardcore as a base, and a Geotex membrane to ensure naturally occurring moisture is managed correctly and doesn’t erode the foundation. Everest digs a deep foundation for all its driveways, however we will assess the ground conditions unique to your property and if necessary, dig our foundations even deeper.

    We use 60mm blocks, as opposed to 50mm blocks used by many installers, to ensure they don’t twist or roll as tyres turn on the surface. Many homeowners don’t realise that the management of water running from their property is their responsibility. We will ensure your driveway is designed with the correct drainage facilities, making sure water running away from your property is managed correctly.

    This is how an Everest Driveway is installed:

    1. Remove old driveway and topsoil

    2. Dig a 150mm deep foundation - deeper if ground conditions dictate

    3. Install the Geotex membrane to protect against moisture damage

    4. Build a solid perimeter around the driveway

    5. Create a compacted sub base using MoT type 1 hardcore

    6. Create a smooth and even 50mm screed

    7. Lay the blocks and finish with sand

  • Designed to perfection

    Our designer will visit you at home and help to create the look that’s right for you. This is an excellent opportunity to give an individual look to your home. We then make sure that the foundations we build for your driveway are suitable for the soil conditions in your area, digging deeper where necessary. We also design your driveway with the correct drainage facility to ensure you are complying with regulations.

  • Rich in colour

    Not all driveway blocks are the same. Everest blocks have colour pigment running right through them, not just on the surface, for colour that lasts, unlike pattern imprinted concrete that can wear off leaving a dull surface.

  • Customisable

    Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, you can complement your driveway with a variety of features – after all, it is the small details that can make a real difference. With every element of an Everest driveway, there is an opportunity to create and inspire. See below for the ways that you can customise your driveway.

    With an Everest driveway, you can customise:

    The shape: Whether you choose a sweep, a curve or a more formal angular look, with Everest you can choose the driveway shape to suit your house.

    Block colour and styles: We offer a variety of block colours to suit your property. As well as colour, you can choose from a range of block styles - whether it is a rustic 'weathered' block or a more contemporary, smooth block, there is a style to suit your home..

    Additional options: You can also add exciting extra features such as lighting to enhance the appearance of your driveway even further.

  • 10 year guarantee

    Here at Everest, we understand that investing in a driveway is a big decision.

    That’s why we build ours using the best materials and craftsmanship that won’t let you down. Unlike most companies, we offer longer-term guarantees on the materials and foundations for all of our driveways. So you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your new driveway will stand the test of time.

    • 10-year guarantee on Everest Driveway blocks
    • 10-year guarantee on Everest Driveway foundations and installation

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