How to improve your home security

How to improve your home security

As the darker nights' approach, follow our 10 tips to keep your home safe and secure

Secured by Design

1. Fit windows and doors with 'Secured by Design' approval

Secured by Design is a UK police initiative promoting products that help reduce crime. Owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) it's the only form of Police approval for products in the UK and has proven to reduce the risk and fear of crime.

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2. Upgrade your windows to GrabLock

GrabLock has been developed exclusively with leading lock manufacturer, Yale, the home security specialists. It has 3 times the locking surface area of a standard, multi-point or shoot-bolt window lock, making it our most secure lock ever.

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3. Say goodbye to hiding your door keys

Our new SmartLock is totally keyless and lets you open your door through a variety of different methods including key cards, fobs and you can even send virtual keys via your smartphone. So, this means there's no more hiding spare keys under door mats or plant pots.

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4. Install a burglar alarm

A security system is an effective deterrent to burglars and by installing one on your home you're reducing the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Security systems can offer you 24-hour monitoring and pre-entry detection, so someone is there to act as soon as the alarm is triggered.

Everest alarm system
Lock bumping

5. Stop things going bump in the night

Making sure you and your family feel safe in your home is our priority, which is why Everest works constantly to out-think burglars, who are always learning new tricks. The lock cyclinder on our multi-point lock is built to frustrate many of an intruder's favourite tricks including lock bumping.

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6. Remove old windows with external glazing bead

Window glazing is held in place against the frame with beading which runs along all the edges of the window sash. Many old windows were fitted with external glazing bead so intruders could easily remove glass from the outside. Everest windows are all fitted with internal glazing bead to prevent this happening.

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Internal glazing bead
Letterbox fishing guard

7. Keep your home safe from letterbox fishing

A growing number of people are victims to this trend, where criminals try to steal keys left by the door using a hook on a rod through your letterbox. With our letterbox fishing guard - available on all entrance doors, you can prevent potential thieves from key fishing, whist still conveniently allowing mail to be delivered.

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8. Fit windows and doors that pass the strength test

We stand proudly by the claim that we ‘Fit the Best’ and we proved it with our toughest test yet. We tested the strength of our products using a 200lb punch bag and the help of testing experts Wintech.

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Strength test

9. Don't put yourself at risk by making common mistakes

Research shows that one in seven Brits have gone out locally and forgotten to lock their doors, despite them being the most likely access points for break-ins.

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Avoid common mistakes