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SmartLock Press Release

SmartLock Press Release

Everest Home Improvements has taken home security to a higher level again with the launch of the Everest SmartLock from Yale

The keyless SmartLock offers four different options for unlocking the door – a mobile app, phone tag, keycard or keytag – and up to 50 tags and cards can be paired with each SmartLock. As well as benefiting from keyless locking, the home owner can send virtual keys remotely via their Smartphone, making lost or loaned keys a thing of the past.

The SmartLock model is the Yale Conexis L1, which works simply by pulling the door closed and lifting the handle, using the multipoint locking system that has been tried-and-tested for years. It plays a short tune to confirm when it is locked and it even has a tamper alarm for added security, providing greater confidence for the home owner.


Everest's Marketing Director, Martin Troughton, said: "Good home security is fundamental to our sense of wellbeing and is something that we at Everest take very seriously. We're constantly testing our doors and windows to ensure they exceed the standards set by the industry and the Police, as well as looking for ways in which we can make improvements."

"We're proud to be launching SmartLock, a new generation of Smart security for the home owner. Smart technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and now provides a sophisticated and reliable way to ensure our homes are as safe and secure as they can be."

"This is the second time this year that Everest has partnered with Yale to deliver innovation in locking mechanisms for our products, with our exclusive GrabLock window lock launched earlier this year. Now the new SmartLock system for our doors – along with other security features such as thicker laminated glass for back doors and new front door fishing guards for the letter box – ensure that Everest's windows and doors are not only the best on the market, but the most secure as well."

As well as providing the home owner with a comprehensive SmartLock guide on use and maintenance, Everest has created three handy videos that show how to open and lock the door, and how to pair Smartphones, tags and cards with the Everest SmartLock.

SmartLock is now available as an optional upgrade to Everest’s 44mm and 70mm composite doors. For further information, visit our SmartLock page.