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Secondary Glazing Windows

The complementary look.

Most people take it for granted that they can change the windows of their home. But if yours happens to be a historic or listed building, then changing the external appearance of the property might not be to your liking, or even allowed. Luckily, Everest Secondary Windows can satisfy everyone’s needs.

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Whilst many older properties exude a wonderful, historical beauty, Everest understands some of their other traits may not be as desirable.

Our secondary glazing is a perfect solution for cutting out noise, cold and draughts. It traps air between your existing window and the secondary window acting as a form of double glazing to provide insulation and prevent draughts, which ensures your home is so much warmer.

Everest secondary glazing can be even more effective at soundproofing when used in conjunction with our other window ranges. In recent acoustic tests we found that when secondary glazing was fitted in addition to double glazing it reduced the sound by up to 12 decibels (db) - without secondary glazing, the extra 12db would have the effect of doubling the outside noise. We can even add sound absorbing tiles to reduce the noise in your home even further.

Every Everest Secondary Window is tailor-made to fit inside and complement your existing windows, keeping them unobtrusive on the inside and almost invisible from the outside.

They will make your home safer and more secure too, thanks to anti-burglar catches fitted as standard. The deluxe secondary glazing range also includes a multi-point locking mechanism with a key-lockable handle for enhanced security. 

If all this wasn’t enough, they’re virtually-maintenance-free as well, and come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on materials. So you can rest assured your windows will be well looked after, while you continue to enjoy your beautiful home.

Everest Secondary Glazing also comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on workmanship as standard.

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A range of patterns perfect for bathrooms and offices.


A range of coloured, leaded and bevelled designs. 


This glass includes laminated glass for maximum strength and resistance.


Designed to break into harmless fragments if shattered.


A tinted glass reduce the sun's glare.

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