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Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory too hot or too cold? We suggest raising the roof


  A quick and cost effective solution
  Keep more heat in and energy bills down
  Installed to industry leading standards
  Old roofs safely removed and taken away
  Glass, solid and polycarbonate options
  Guaranteed for added peace of mind

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The perfect fit

Choosing an Everest replacement roof offers many benefits

Replacement Roof

Cost effective


If your conservatory roof suffers from mould, condensation and leaks or you simply want to refresh the style of your extra living space, a replacement roof can breathe new life for a fraction of the price of a new conservatory.  

Better thermal efficiency


An older conservatory may offer little thermal efficiency, and could cost you money as the heat escapes. Everest replacement roofs are energy efficient, retaining more heat, which saves you money on energy bills and makes your extra space usable all year round.

Replacement Roof

Replacement Roof

Quick, hassle-free installation


We take care of all the necessary regulations, although planning permission is often not required for a new roof. Our installation is quick, to accredited standards and we even dispose of your old roof in an environmentally friendly way. 


Fitted with industry leading guarantees for added peace of mind


It wouldn't be an Everest product without industry leading guarantees, which is why our replacement conservatory roofs are fitted with a 10 year guarantee against condensation, discolouration and leaks.

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A style to suit your home

Modern, traditional or classic - we understand that every conservatory is unique to its home. That's why we offer a range of styles and materials to make sure it's a perfect match for your home.

Solid Roofs


A solid roof can make your conservatory feel more like an extra room in your home. They provide more privacy and even better thermal efficiency, keeping more heat inside.

Glass Roofs


Almost half of conservatories in the UK are fitted with a glass roof, for the simple reason that they let in more light. They also offer excellent heat retention and excellent views.

Polycarbonate Roofs


A lightweight thermoplastic, designed to be incredibly thermally efficient, is cost effective and the slightly 'frosted' appearance, offers good privacy from any over-looking windows.

Glazing specifications

We offer a range of glazing options, each with their own unique specifications



A high performance glass with low-emission and double glazed units. This energy efficient glass retains heat and keeps bills down.




A range of patterns are available, making the glass perfect for heightened privacy.



Everest Solar Glass is especially treated to reduce glare and reflect solar energy entering your conservatory so you can enjoy the sun in comfort.




A tinted glass that works to reduce the sun’s glare.



Our best performance glass combines the heat reflecting properties of solar glass with self-cleaning glass.




Designed to break into harmless fragments if shattered for enhanced safety.

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Q: Is it time to replace my conservatory roof?

If your conservatory feels too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, or if you are experiencing leaks, mould or condensation then a new roof may well be the solution, without having to pay for a new conservatory.

Q: Can you install an Everest roof on a conservatory from another company?

Yes, we offer replacement roofs for all conservatory brands, build quality allowing. One of our local consultants will advise you whether or not the installation is possible when they carry out your free roof check.

Q: What happens to my old conservatory roof?

We will fully protect your existing structure, covering all surroundings and entry points to your home to keep them secure before disposing of your old roof in an environmentally friendly way, recycling the materials where possible. 

Q: Do I need planning permission?

With the structure already in place, there is a good chance you will not need to get planning permission. If planning permission has already been obtained previously a roof can simply be replaced without having to resubmit for planning. However, our local expert consultants will advise you of any potential issues they see and if planning permission is required, Everest will take care of this with no extra cost.

Q: Can the replacement roof match my existing roof?

In-keeping with your existing design, your Everest replacement roof will be custom built to your specifications. One of our local consultants can talk you through all the options and show you product samples, so you can see how closely it matches your home.

Q: How much does a replacement roof cost?

All our products are bespoke and made-to-measure specifically for your home, so in order to give an accurate quote one of our local consultants will need to view your property.

Q: Can I spread the cost to pay for my conservatory roof?

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to spread the cost. Our finance package Everest Home Solutions makes it easy to improve your home with low deposits and affordable monthly instalments.

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