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Garage Doors

Quality for lasting protection

Over the last 50 years, Everest is proud to have installed thousands of quality garage doors. With valuable suggestions and recommendations from our customers we have built up a comprehensive range of options, spanning a avriety of materials, colours and styles, all from as little as just £1,200.

Call Us Now 0800 008 7094 Call Us Now 0800 008 7094

We've also maximised security if that's your top priority. We've mastered easy access and storage if your space is at a premium. And of course with Everest you never have to compromise on style, installation, service and guarantees.




Steel doorIf strength is top of your list, an Everest steel garage door gives you the security and price you need. Their robust construction makes our steel styles a popular choice.


TimberIf you’re after a more traditional look, our warm and welcoming timber garage doors offer an elegance and style to suit your home, and extra security for peace of mind.

We add more to your home

Secure garage doors are often seen as a necessity rather than a choice, but with an Everest garage door you get so much more.

We’re more attractive – As one of the first things you and your visitors see, Everest garage doors are designed and built with a quality that stands out, and in a style that perfectly complements your home.

We’re more precise - Every Everest garage door is made-to-measure with precision engineering to the exact size you require for a perfect fit, and comes with optional remote control if required.

We’re more secure - All of our garage doors have fully integrated locking systems and excellent features to ensure maximum garage door security. And our roller garage door has an acoustic alarm fitted for extra peace of mind.

Find out more about garage doors benefits…

garage door benefits

Step by step

1 Do your research to find the right products for your home.

2 Meet one of our experts who can explain everything clearly.

3 Choose exactly what you want from our range.


Finance OptionsEverest Home Solutions finance options give you total flexibility when improving your home.