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Energy Efficiency


Efficiency is a word that has become synonymous with Everest over the years. It is more than a term or a marketing phrase but a part of our working ethos: to be innovative and efficient.


Innovation has always been a part of our designs, and as we enter an age where people aren’t only concerned about what happens within their home but in the world around it, we marked energy efficiency as something we wanted to master quite some time ago.


When making or designing a product, we always ask ourselves if it will truly help make your home warmer, quieter, safer and tougher. If the answer is yes, then we continue to engineer until it can be made available to you.


We are happy with our continued progress and can contribute to the energy savings of a home by installing either our double or triple glazed windows. Each option uses the latest in windows technology to achieve the best results.


But what does “latest windows technology” actually mean?


There are 3 main elements that help make an energy efficient window.


  • The glass
    It is hugely important that the glass used within the window is correct for the task it is required to perform. Some glass allows heat through. Others deflect it. The thickness is also a factor, all of which our expert consultants can explain in greater detail.
  • The distance
    Each pane of glass within a window should ideally be 20mm apart as this allows the windows to function properly. If the distance is less than it must be catered for by a specialist pane of glass or else the window will not achieve optimum efficiency.
  • The shield
    In between the panes of glass sits an invisible layer of argon gas. As this gas is denser than air, it prevents cold air from passing it, therefore helping maintain warmth within your home.


By ensuring that our windows adhere to the above, our double glazing has an impressive WER Rating of A+12, and our triple has achieved an unprecedented A+21! Let’s see how these ratings compare to other window companies.



There are many other elements involved in making a home more efficient, such as ensuring there are no drafts coming in through holes in your brickwork, etc. This is why all of our products are made-to-measure for a perfect fit, and as time goes by, our products will only get better at helping your home become more energy efficient.


For more useful information relating to windows, feel free to take a look at our Windows Buying Guide.