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How to tile around a window

How to tile around a window


Date: 30/09/2015

Depending on what room your sparkly new window is in, you may be tasked with the unenviable task of tiling around it.

Don’t worry! It sounds a lot more difficult than it is.

Because we love to help, we've come up with a few useful tips to help you get your head around it and avoid having to call (and then pay for) a professional.

Take a look at our 8 simple steps to tiling around a window:

Step 1. Use your window as the focus of your attention and tile out, using the window as your focal point.

Step 2. Use edging trim for a smooth finish, making sure you cut the trim at 45-degree angles so they can be glued together nicely. Edging trim comes in various finishes and sizes, so choose according to your taste.

Step 3. Around the window, adhesive should be applied to the wall and not the tiles. Start at the sides of the windows and once the adhesive is on, position the trim to the outer corners (the edge of the wall away from the window).

Step 4. Don’t assume the measurements will be the same for the height and length of the window. Instead, measure each tile to check it will fit and then cut accordingly.

Step 5. It is essential to use spacers between each tile for consistency. Also, leave a 3mm gap between the edge of your tiles and the window frame.

Step 6. Once you have put your tiles in place, use an offcut of wood to place evenly over the tiles and use two further pieces of wood to act as two batons that will hold the wood in place.

This will keep pressure on the tiles allowing for a better stick, without adding so much pressure that it causes the tiles to break.

Step 7. As the adhesive dries, you can apply your grout as normal, filling the gaps between your tiles.

Step 8. A flexible waterproof sealant is highly recommended to squeeze into the corners between the tiles and the window frame.

*Article image courtesy of Juhan Sonin via the following license on Flickr.