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Conservatories - a room for all seasons

At Everest, we believe you don’t need to move home to create the extra living space you need. A uniquely designed conservatory from Everest can truly revitalize your home, creating a beautiful, elegant space for working, relaxation, families or entertaining guests all year round.

Why choose a new Everest conservatory?


We understand that every home is different and, as such, it is of paramount importance your conservatory is tailor made to suit your living space. When designing a conservatory, we consider all of the factors that are important to you. From the size, shape and style of your conservatory, to external factors unique to your home, such as the quality of the soil, local weather conditions and the number of trees in the surrounding area.


Whether you intend to use the extra space for work, relaxation, entertaining guests or family time, our expert consultants are on hand to discuss your options and recommend conservatory designs based on your unique taste and requirements.


We offer expert advice throughout every stage of the process and will attain all relevant planning permissions should they be required prior to the construction of your conservatory. We offer industry leading guarantees too for extra peace of mind.



Classic Conservatories

A classic conservatory is a great way of providing extra living space within your home. The room is commonly used for entertaining family or house guests and offers a great vantage point to enjoy your garden as it contains more glass than brickwork. Find out more »




Orangeries are also perfect for generating extra living space. They tend to contain more brickwork than glass, making them more suitable as a private relaxation room. An orangery’s appearance is generally light and airy, giving it the feeling of a conservatory, but its elegance adds a touch of grandeur. Find out more »



Glass Roof Extensions

Glass roof extensions add a bold, unique visual element to your home. The glass naturally creates a bright living space and they can be built in even the most testing of spaces, letting an unrivalled amount of daylight into your home. Find out more »



Tiled Roof Extensions

Titled roof extensions are designed to look and function like a permanent part of your home. They provide a solid, minimum fuss structure that offers extra space and privacy. Find out more »


Conservatory Materials


Our conservatories are available in a variety of materials, each with their own unique benefits. No matter which material you choose, all of our conservatories achieve excellence in terms of security and solidity.


uPVC Conservatories

Whether you live in a modern house or a traditional period property, our superior uPVC conservatories are perfect for all types of homes, especially if you’re looking for a low maintenance option. Available in a stunning range of designs, an Everest uPVC Conservatory gives you maximum pleasure for minimum effort. Manufactured to the highest quality, they won’t rust, flake, peel or rot and require only an occasional wipe down to leave it looking at its best. Find out more »


Timber Conservatories

Everest’s stunning range of timber conservatories and orangeries are a beautiful addition for traditional homes. Tailor-made to your specific requirements, timber exudes an elegance that will be admired and enjoyed by all who see it. Crafted in time-honoured fashion, with their charming character and warm lines, every millimetre of timber is treated to reveal its unique grain or with a paint finish from our vast array of stylish colours. State-of-the-art technology keeps your timber orangery or conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making your new structure a place to enjoy all year. Find out more »


Aluminium Conservatories

Choosing aluminium for your Everest Conservatory can give your home a feeling of contemporary style. The sleek lines of Everest Aluminium Conservatories not only open up your living space, bringing the outside inside, they also offer a versatile option that requires very little maintenance. The natural qualities of aluminium allow you to benefit from your conservatory all year round. The frames of our aluminium conservatories are slim and slight, maximising your view of the outside. They also offer profound strength, are corrosion- proof and exceed the British Standards for weather performance and security. Find out more »



Better Foundations


A conservatory is only as strong as its foundations and whatever your ground conditions are, we have a solution. We dig at least a metre deep to ensure maximum strength and reinforce it with steel before the foundations fully.



  • Foundations at least 450mm wide, up to 1500mm deep
  • Packed hardcore 150mm deep
  • Sand bed
  • Damp-proof membrane
  • Floor insulation 70mm to 100mm thick
  • Steel reinforced concrete slab
  • Smooth screed floor
  • 300mm cavity wall
  • Wall insulation 75mm



Technical Superiority


Everest Conservatories are among the most solid you can own. Built as true extensions, they add lasting value to your property.


  • Structural coupler
  • Corner posts transfer roof load directly to base, for superior rigidity
  • Choose the most suitable glass for your conservatory
  • Bespoke roof engineered to adjust to local weather conditions
  • We recommend Ultimate Glass
  • Doors exceed British standards for security
  • Vents on all roofs



Glass Options


Heatlock (H) - With high performance, low-emission, double glazed units, this energy efficient glass retains heat and keeps your heating bills down. Our standard sealed units also include argon gas, which keeps even more heat in.
Security (SE) - This sealed unit includes laminated glass for maximum strength.
Self-cleaning (SC) - The ultimate in low-maintenance, the special outer coating reacts with sunlight to break down dirt.
Solar (SO) - Everest Solar Glass is specially treated to reduce glare and reflect solar energy entering your conservatory so you can enjoy the sun in comfort.
Ultimate (U) - Our best performance glass combines the heat reflecting properties of solar glass with self-cleaning glass.
Obscure (O) - A range of patterns perfect for more privacy.
Anti-Sun (AS) - A tinted glass which reduces the sun’s glare.
Decorative (D) - A range of coloured, leaded and bevelled designs.
Safety (SA) - Designed to break into harmless fragments if shattered.

Glass Type H SE SC SO U 0 AS D SA
Window glass
Roof glazing      

Conservatory Styles

We build a lot more into Everest Conservatories

From your constant comfort to the simplicity of cleaning, every detail of an Everest Conservatory has been looked at to make it your perfect new space. As such, there are a host of benefits that you can enjoy when you choose an Everest Conservatory, including:


- Better Choice


- Better Security


- Better Guarantees


- Better Looking for longer


- Better Lasting


- Better All Year Round

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Far superior in every respect

Stanley, Stamford Bridge, York

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Step by step

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2 Meet one of our experts who can explain everything clearly.

3 Choose exactly what you want from our range.


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