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Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors


  Super strong – as this test proves
  Safe sliding roller mechanism
  Child safety system to keep fingers safe
  Available in 2 to 7 leafs, opening either way
  5 contemporary colours to fit your home
  Slim door design to bring the outside in
  Guaranteed for up to 25 years

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What are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors are typically a set of 2 or more standard size glass doors that open in a concertina style and neatly fold flat when open. Unlike a sliding patio door, that remains only half open, Bi-fold doors fully open to seamlessly connect your living space with your terrace, patio or garden.


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The benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Our sleek aluminium framed bi-fold doors come in a range of contemporary colours and are designed to complement your home. Super energy efficient, they will keep the heat in and reduce outside noise levels whilst still leaving an impression.

Safe and secure

Strong and secure


The combination of a multi-point locking system, locking shoot-bolts, high security hinges and thermally toughened glass make our Bi-Fold Doors so secure, even a 200lb punch bag couldn’t break them. The lock cylinder is tested to BS EN 1303 and internal glazing beads are also fitted to prevent glass being removed from outside, keeping you even safer.

Watch our toughest test yet >

Seamless design


The stainless steel wheels and tracks ensure a smooth opening to the outside, with a roller mechanism for a safer sliding operation. A child safety system with a continuous hinge to prevent trapping fingers is also fitted as standard. Bi-Fold doors can be 2 to 7 leafs opening left or right, and in or out and are available in 5 contemporary colours to fit with your home.

Seamless design

Outside in

Bring the outside inside


Add the WOW factor to your home and seamlessly merge your garden and living space with the slim aluminium frames and maximum glass of our Bi-Fold Doors. Each door leaf folds smoothly onto each other and is held firmly in place with magnetic pads to allow in maximum light and uninterrupted views.

Guaranteed for peace of mind

Aluminium is so robust it will never rot, rust or flake making it long lasting and virtually maintenance free. Our Bi-Fold Doors are fitted with a 25 year guarantee against discolouration of the profile and 10 years on the full door.




A range of options

Frame colour:






Handle styles:

AF Handle

Modern Handle

Handle colours:





Technical Specifications

Bi-Fold Doors


Weather-resistant seals
• Multiple seals to prevent drafts and water ingress
• Optional trickle ventilation in the frame


Double glazing
• 20mm air gap between panes for increased insulation
• BS EN 12150 toughened safety glass
• Low-E glass refects heat back into the room


Aluminium frame
• Polyamide thermal break minimises heat loss
• Low maintenance and will never rot, rust or flake


Internal glazing bead
• Prevents removal of glass from the outside


Smooth opening
• Stainless steel wheels guide panels in stainless steel tracks


Multi-point locking
• Multi-point stainless steel locking mechanism on traffic doors
• Shoot-bolts at the top and bottom of the interlocks


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Q: Can Everest Bi-Fold Doors fold inwards and outwards?

Our Bi-Fold Doors can be fitted to open inwards or outwards and either left or right. The amount of space you have available will influence the option you choose but in most cases Bi-Fold Doors are best to open outwards so they do not impose on your internal space.

Q: What size and configurations are available?

Our Bi-Fold Doors are completely bespoke to your size and configuration requirements, and as such, we can manufacture anything from 2 to 7 door leafs, opening inwards or outwards and either left or right.

Q: How secure are Everest Bi-Folding Doors?

Everest's Bi-Folding doors are super secure and conform to the latest security tests including our latest test using a 200lb punch bag. The doors feature a multi-point stainless steel locking mechanism, a high security lock cyclinder tested to BS EN 1303 and unique vertical locking shoot-bolts to secure the top and bottom of every interlock.

High security hinges and thermally toughened safety glass are also fitted as standard with an internal glazing bead, which prevents removal of glass from the outside completing the full quota of impressive security features.

Q: Are Everest Bi-Fold Doors thermally efficient?

Although Everest Bi-Fold Doors consist of mainly glass they are built to ensure minimal heat loss and help reduce your energy bills. The Low E glass reflects heat back into your home, and multiple weather seals prevent any draughts getting in. Then there's the 20mm argon gas filled air gap between the panes of glass, all of which provide optimum thermal and sound insulation.

Everest's Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors are also fitted with a polyamide thermal break, which acts as a thermal barrier to reduce the flow of thermal energy through the aluminium frame and help stop valuable heat being lost.

Q: How much do Everest Bi-Fold Doors cost?

Our Bi-Fold Doors are bespoke and made-to-measure specifically for your home. In order to give an accurate price one of our local consultants will firstly need to view your property and take measurements before providing you with a free no-obligation quote.

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