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uPVC Patio Doors


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View our uPVC patio doors specification and options

  • Door material

  • uPVC
  • Door colours

    • White White
    • Cream Woodgrain Cream Woodgrain
    • White Woodgrain White Woodgrain
    • Golden Oak Golden Oak
    • Mahogany Mahogany
    • Rosewood Rosewood
    • White and Black Woodgrain White and Black Woodgrain
    • White and Golden Oak White and Golden Oak
    • White and Mahogany White and Mahogany
    • White and Rosewood White and Rosewood
  • Handle styles

    • Black Black
    • Gold Gold
    • Chrome Chrome
    • White White
  • Optional Georgian bars

  • Yes
  • Gap between panes (mm)

  • 20mm
  • Low E internal glass

  • Yes - Internal glass with a low E value reflects heat back into the room.
  • Weather resistant seals

  • Yes - This door features double weather resistant seals
  • Ventilation

  • Trickle ventilation (available as an optional extra)
  • Opening

  • One-piece stainless steel track ensures smooth operation
  • Insulation

  • - Door panel engages into channel in outer frame, providing excellent draught resistance
    - Interlocking door leafs prevent draughts and increase security when shut
  • Locking points

  • Multi-point
  • Locking mechanism

  • Multi-point locking mechanism
  • Internal glazing bead

    More info

    An internal glazing bead means glass cannot be removed from the outside

  • Yes - Internal glazing bead prevents removal of glass from outside
  • Reinforcement in frame

  • Yes - galavanised steel in door leaf
  • Anti-lift strip

  • An anti-lift security strip prevents doors from being lifted out of the frame from the outside
  • Whole door guarantee

  • 10 years
  • Thermally toughened safety glass

  • Fitted as standard

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Everest uPVC Patio Doors offer the following benefits...



All our double glazed patio doors have been designed to retain the heat in your home. Their advanced Low-E glass technology reflects heat back into the room. Plus they have a 20mm argon filled gap, a warm edge spacer bar, a unique multi-chamber profile and one continuous draught seal that runs all the way around the frame.



Installing Everest uPVC Patio Doors can also help keep your home quieter. They have a unique multi-chamber profile, multiple draught-resistant seals, a 20mm Argon filled gap and special interlocking panels to stop noise getting in.

More secure

More secure

For added strength, our uPVC patio doors have a multi-point locking system that is secured into galvanised steel reinforcements. They also have a security lock cylinder plus they feature anti-lift security as standard, an additional security locking point and the internal glazing beat prevents removal of the glass from outside. 

Weather resistant

Weather resistant

Everest’s uPVC Patio Doors are expertly made to measure to eliminate draughts and prevent water coming in. Their many features include a U-shaped channel around the whole door, interlocking panels, multiple weather-resistant seals and weather drip.

Guaranteed for 10 years

Guaranteed for 10 years

Our durable, easy-to-clean uPVC patios doors will never rot, rust, peel or flake, and sit on a one piece stainless steel track ensuring the panels slide smoothly with minimal effort. They also come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on the whole door.


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