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Everest Windows offer these great benefits



Our new warmest ever windows offer an A+15 rating on double glazing and an A++ rating on triple glazing - the first ever windows to reach that standard - making them the ideal choice for energy efficiency.



The quality of our glass and innovation of our designs ensures that unwanted noise pollution is kept out, with outside noise reduced by as much as 35 decibels.

More secure

More secure

Our multi-point locking mechanisms, including bi-directional locks, add a level of security that allows for greater peace of mind.

Virtually maintenance free

Virtually maintenance free

Our products are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, and many of our windows are virtually maintenance free.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient

Having energy efficient windows is about keeping the energy you’ve paid for in your home. All of our windows are designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Conservation area friendly

Conservation area friendly

Our range of Elite composite casement windows have been designed to ensure they are compliant with many conservation area regulations.

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Better Guarantees

Better Guarantees

New windows can represent a substantial investment for your home and because of this, we offer comprehensive guarantees that give you added peace of mind. And should you sell your property, the guarantees can be transferred to the new owner too!

You might also be wondering...

Q: How much do Everest Windows cost?

A: As all of our products are truly bespoke, we cannot offer prices until an expert consultant has had the opportunity to visit your house. At that time, our representatives will factor in every aspect of your home before talking through your options in a free, no-obligation consultation.

Q: What guarantees do you offer as standard?

A: All of our windows come with a minimum comprehensive 10-year guarantee and many feature a lifetime guarantee. For full details of our windows guarantees click here.

Q: What are double glazed windows?

A: Double glazing is essentially two window panes fitted securely into a frame. What’s important is the space between the window panes as this is where a layer of Argon gas is inserted. As Argon gas is denser than air, it stops cold air coming into your home and stops warm air seeping out. A good double glazing window also offers sound and security benefits. 

Q: How does double glazing work?

A: Double glazing works by trapping argon gas between two glass panes in a window frame. As the gas is denser than air, it keeps cold air out. Ideally, your external window will allow hot air through whereas your internal window will deflect hot air, meaning it stays in and subsequently increases energy efficiency.

Q: Are double glazed windows soundproof?

A: They aren’t quite soundproof, but due to the technological advances of modern Everest Windows, our double glazing reduces exterior noise by an impressive 35 decibels.

Q: Are double glazed windows good for the environment?

A: Yes. The specialist glazing and layer of argon gas between the window panes helps keep heat inside and cold air out and this effectively reduces the need for artificial heat. Anything that promotes natural resources is good for the environment.

Q: What are triple glazed windows?

A: Triple glazing, of course, means there are three panes of glass. However, it is not just the glass itself that contributes to the overall performance of the window. It’s the larger frames, the additional layer of argon gas and the extra opportunity to add coatings that effect the functionally of each of the three panes of glass.

Q: Are triple glazed windows soundproof?

A: They aren’t quite soundproof, but due to the technological advances of triple glazing, the windows reduce exterior noise by an incredible 37 decibels.

Q: What are the benefits of triple glazed windows?

A: Due to the window technology involved in triple, it makes your home warmer, quieter, tougher and safer than ever before. The energy efficiency of Everest’s triple glazing is unprecedented with an A++ WER Rating giving homeowners ample opportunity to be green and save money. 

Q: Triple vs. Double Glazed windows?

A: Our double glazing has evolved continually over the years and is now at a level that satisfies the needs of almost every homeowner. Is triple glazing better? Yes, fitting new Everest Triple Glazing can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Everest Triple Glazing has been awarded A++, the highest possible energy rating and by keeping heat inside, you can save money on your energy bills too. To demonstrate how Everest Triple Glazed Windows compared to standard double glazing, we conducted a thermographic survey to put them to the test. To view the results of this survey click here.

Q: How easy are Everest Windows to maintain?

A: Our design team create products with busy lifestyles in mind, so windows that use uPVC and aluminium have been designed for easy maintenance and will look great with an occasional wipe down using warm soapy water. As timber is a natural product, it requires a little more looking after, but we also offer industry leading guarantees against issues such as warping and decolouration for added peace of mind. For more information on maintaing your windows click here.

Q: How quickly will Everest turn around an installation?

A: We always look to start work as soon as possible and usually complete a job within four weeks from the time of order. If timelines are a factor, your expert consultant will be able to give you a much more accurate estimate at the time of your consultation.

Q: Are Everest windows made to measure?

A: Yes. Not just our windows, in fact, but every product we install is made specifically for your home and the space it’s installed in.

Q: Do Everest provide window repair?

A: We are able to perform repairs, but only on our own products. The reason for this is twofold: working on another company’s product will affect your warranty and also, our experts aren’t trained in the technology of other companies products like they are our own.

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