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Aluminium Windows

Create a more modern view

Everest aluminium windows have been expertly designed to give homes a feeling of contemporary style. They add a slice of modern chic that not only makes a property stand out from the crowd, but leaves an impression of fresh thought and sleek vision.

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Aluminium window and handleOur aluminium windows are crafted exclusively for Everest, and designed to bring out the contemporary side of your home. 

We only use the most rigorously tested and ultra slim-line aluminium frames, so you’re guaranteed a larger glass area to allow more natural light to stream into your home.

The natural qualities of aluminium – light, yet strong and corrosion-proof – mean that even though our frames are slimmer, they still exceed the British Standards for weather performance and security.

This reduced frame thickness also means an improved thermal performance to keep your home warmer and your energy bills lower.

To add to that contemporary look, our aluminium windows can be directly fitted into your home’s brickwork. Or we can add a timber sub-frame if you prefer a traditional feel as well.

Aluminium windows

Select from a range of elegant colours including white, black and charcoal. You can even choose to have the inside white and outside of our aluminium window frames in black to complement the interior decoration or style of your home. 

So why not book an appointment for one of our consultants to give you a no obligation quote today?

If you’d prefer a versatile, low-maintenance material, our excellent range of uPVC windows could be perfect for you. Or for a more traditional style, take a look at our impressive range of Timber windows



Comparison Chart

  uPVC Timber Aluminium Composite
uPVC Premium
Surround n/a n/a Hardwood or direct fix n/a n/a
No. of Colours 7 colours 5 paint + 5 stain finishes 5, including one metallic

10 colours

9 two colour options

5 colours

4 two colour options

Materials & Workmanship Guarantee 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
Guarantee against fog & condensation between the panes Lifetime 10 years Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Rot & Fungus Guarantee n/a 30 years n/a n/a n/a
Discolouration Guarantee Lifetime 5 years on paint and stain finish 25 years 10 years 10 years
Locking Mechanism Multi-point on casement
Fitch Lock on sash
Multi-point on casement
Fitch Lock on sash

Multi-point on casement

Fitch Lock on sash

Multi-point on casement
Fitch Lock on sash
Triple glazing yes - - yes yes
Casement yes yes yes yes yes
Tilt and turn yes - - - -
Sash yes yes - - -
Dual Turn - yes - - -
Finance Available yes yes yes yes yes

Our Aluminium windows are available in these styles:

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