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Aluminium Secondary Glazing Windows

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Why choose Everest Secondary Glazing?

Whether it’s through preference or necessity,  some homeowners need to consider secondary glazing as opposed to full window units. When choosing Everest Secondary Glazing, you can make the most of these incredible benefits:

  •  A stunning option for when exterior windows cannot be changed
  • A perfect solution for cutting out draughts, cold air and noise
  • A form of double glazing that will keep your home much warmer
  • Effective soundproofing when used in conjunction with our other window ranges, with recent acoustic tests revealing a reduction of up to 12 decibels with our secondary glazing
  • A tidy look via our unobtrusive design, almost invisible from the outside
  • Enhanced security benefits featuring anti-burglar catches to make your home safer
  • Virtually maintenance-free design with easy to wipe aluminium frames
  • Comprehensive guarantees with up to 10-years on materials
  • Standard and deluxe range options coming with concealed hinges, thicker frames, offset handles, multi-point locking and a tilt function improving the performance of the windows
  • Made to measure for a perfect fit - our tolerance for gaps is far less than other suppliers, so we use a product specific trim around the edge of the windows for a neater finish

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  1. Slim aluminium frame hardly noticeable from the exterior maintaining the external character of the property
  2. Sliding inserts interlock to help prevent draughts
  3. Aluminium will never rot, rust or flake
  4. Fitted with sprung catch locks that fasten automatically on closure
  5. Air gap created between existing window and secondary glazing provides extra heat and sound insulation
  6. 10 year guarantee on the window and installation
  7. Fitted with lockable handles and security bolts
  8. Double weather-proof seals around the opening window

View our aluminium secondary glazing windows specification and options

  • Frame material

  • Aluminium
  • Window colours

    • Brown Brown
    • White White
  • Handle colours

    • Brown Brown
    • White White
  • Weather resistant seal

  • This window features brush piled weather resistant seals
  • Locking points

  • Up to 2 (depending on window size)
  • Locking mechanism

  • Side-hung secondary glazing features lockable handle and security bolts; Vertical sliding secondary glazing features sprung catch locks that fasten automatically
  • Whole window guarantee

  • 10 years
  • Thermally toughened saftey glass

  • Fitted as standard within 80cm of floor level and where necessary

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Everest Aluminium Secondary Glazing offers the following benefits...



Our secondary glazing is a perfect solution for cutting out noise, cold and draughts. It traps air between your existing window and the secondary window acting as a form of double glazing to provide insulation and prevent draughts, which ensures your home is much warmer. 



Everest secondary glazing can be even more effective at soundproofing when used in conjunction with our other window ranges. And we can even add sound absorbing tiles to reduce the noise in your home even further.

Virtually maintenance free

Virtually maintenance free

Our secondary virtually maintenance free as well, and come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on materials. So you can rest assured your windows will be well looked after, while you continue to enjoy your beautiful home.



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Our windows really are the perfect addition to your home, but don't just take our word for it. See what some of our many satisfied customers have had to say.


Q: Why might I need secondary glazing?

Sometimes homeowners don’t have as much freedom when it comes to upgrading their living space as they would like and energy loss is a very common problem within old buildings. Secondary glazing offers great heat and security benefits within older buildings whilst remaining largely unobtrusive from the outside.

Q: Is there a choice of glass type?

There are more choices than you might think. Obscure glass, decorative glass, security glass, safety glass and anti-sun glass are all viable available to install within your secondary glazing unit, so you have a fair range to choose from.

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