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Why choose sash windows?

Everest Sash Windows are a perfect choice for properties from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. And they can even add a splash of tradition to a modern home too.

Sash windows have been a popular style of window for over three centuries, and now Everest Sash Windows are setting new standards to ensure this classic window lives up to modern day requirements.

Their classic style is ideal to replace existing sash windows; using one or more movable panels, or ‘sashes’, to form the frame to hold the panes of glass. This ensures the charm of the property is totally retained, but choosing Everest Sash Windows increases security and energy efficiency in every way.

They are available in two different materials to suit your home perfectly. You can select modern uPVC, for a low-maintenance option that requires very little upkeep. Or choose our traditional Everest Timber Sash Windows, which give an authentic charm. Our timber sash windows are available in two types of wood - softwood and hardwood – and both are FSC accredited. Our softwood is made from European Redwood and is available in a range of painted finishes, and our hardwood uses Red Grandis and can be stained to help highlight the beauty of the grains within the wood.

Whether you choose uPVC or Timber for your sash windows, both materials are traditionally styled, with the option of Georgian bars to further replicate a traditional look. And both also encompass all the benefits of modern Everest windows to make your home warmer, more secure and quieter.

Our sash windows are...

Period looking

Period looking

Our sash windows are uniquely designed with a period look and feel, so they preserve your property’s historic charm whilst enjoying all the perks of a modern window. 

More secure

More secure

Our sash windows feature key-lockable traditional style fitch locks, as well as additional security features to ensure they are safe, secure and reliable.

Comprehensively guaranteed

Comprehensively guaranteed

There is a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on the whole window and installation on all our sash windows, and our timber sash windows come with a 30 year guarantee against rot and fungus.

Popular window options

Georgian bars

Georgian bars

Create a distinctive look by opting for Georgian bars, which can either sit between your glass panes for easy cleaning or externally for a touch of authenticity.

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You might also be wondering...

Q: What are the main reasons for considering a sash window?

A: Their beauty and convenience. They possess a stunning look and are easy to clean, with the uPVC option particularly low maintenance.

Q: Are sash windows easy to operate?

A: Yes. Our timber sash windows have a spiral balance mechanism for easy smooth operation and our uPVC has both lift hook and pull handle options, so opening and closing your windows is incredibly easy. able to tilt and slide them makes them very easy to clean, with the uPVC option offering particularly low maintenance.

Q: How do the sash window restrictors work?

A: The tilt restrictor in our uPVC products holds the window in a tilted position, making it really easy for cleaning. With the sash timber option, the cords and weights mechanism holds the window firmly in place until you wish to move it.

Don't forget the Everest Price Promise

If within seven days of placing your order, you find a lower price for products designed, made and installed to the same specifications and with the same guarantees, Everest will refund the difference.